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When I'm bored I channel my creativity into photoshops. Some never see the light of day, some do. I want to post a few that I really ended up enjoying since there's never a guarantee that we will use them in a practical situation.

Although people were kind enough to like this one often on Facebook, I wasn't pleased with how it turned out.  It seems very MS Paint-ish. This definitely wont be the last Labyrinth inspired pic I do as it was one of my favorite all-time kids movies.

I loved how this one turned out. The face/flesh tone matched perfectly after some orange tinting. The expression is pure focus and not to far away from Ian's real life concentration face. 

This was another one I wasn't too happy with the result. Myself as Walter works astoundingly well which may be the only saving grace of this picture. I do, however, like this other Lebowski themed pic exponentially better.

This one just seems more natural. I also got to keep the Dude's sunglasses in this pic.

I'm not clear how I arrived at this idea. It started with laser and rainbow explosions and organically turned into this.  I'm happy with the result of this one as I never had a reason to add any after effects to pictures until now.

This is a long standing theme I began on my own by putting Ian into memorable album covers. I have no clue why but him and Michael Jackson are flawless as one person.The Thriller one turned out really well in my opinion as well.

This was just one because of how much I loved The Dark Knight Returns.  I think it turned out OK. I wish I could have used more of Ian's face as Bane but the mask prevents that from happening. It is him though.

Face swapping is just really funny, and this turned out exceptionally well. Showing my daughter was even funnier as she exclaimed "Hey! I dont have a beard!" then doubted herself into thinking that she may have had a beard at some point that the picture was taken.

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