An Open Letter to ConstruxNunchux

The following open letter will be published at both ConstruxNunchux.com and ToonsShow.com.

To Whom It May Concern:

As you are well aware, this weekend - and again today - ToonsShow.com was subjected to a malicious cyber attack. The initial attack left Jack and I feeling extremely violated and left us unable to "perform" for the remainder of the weekend, a fact that we are both ashamed to admit and obligated to weaponize in the battle against this sort of thing from happening to others.

How much is slinging tooth powder worth, ConstruxNunchux? Or should I say "cxnx"?


Corrosion of Conformity (@coccabal) reunite with Pepper Keenan. @ryannoble66 dream set list.

For those of you who know me, Corrosion of Conformity is my favorite band. Ever.

When Pepper Keenan is the front man. Though a fan of all their albums, lineups and front men Pepper has always been the one I felt that has brought the band together. And not in a way that is necessarily better but just that this is the lineup where they make the music I appreciate the most.

Many of you have put up with my social media cries for the line up to get back together, and that has finally happened!

That being said, many are already putting together dream set lists. Many of you have included songs that not only Pepper didn't sing but from times he wasn't even a guitarist.. SHAME ON YOU!

Without going over 18 songs, here is THE BEST POSSIBLE SET LIST!


And play this set list..