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Construx Conspirators: Shane Jenkins - Seven Psychopaths Review

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This review is from our friend Shane Jenkins, lord of Ambler Theater and movie extraordinaire. I've begged him to write for us for a bit now and he finally caved in. Check out his site its pretty incredible with writing and music. 

76. Seven Psychopaths

Now this is more like it! I have only one complaint with this movie, and that is that writer/director Martin McDonagh cribs pretty hard from Adaptation. But that's a good movie to crib from, right? And it wouldn't be fair if Adaptation was the last word in meta-filmmaking, right? 

Actually, what Seven Psychopaths really reminds me of is the amazingly funny and violent Kiss 
Kiss Bang Bang, which is still the best Robert Downey Jr. has ever been used (sorry Tony Stark). Like that film, Seven Psychopaths is a movie about movies, even if the ads for it aren't selling that aspect. It retains the great pairing of McDonagh and Colin Farrell from In Bruges, and lets some of the best scene-stealers in the business in on the fun too. Sam Rockwell has become one of my favorite actors, and he is just great here. Christopher Walken walkens it up, but is also allowed to be a real character too. It's great seeing him play with the clever material he gets here. And Tom Waits! With a bunny! Do you want to see a murderous Woody Harrelson cry over his missing Shih Tzu and pull a gun on a very funny Gabourey "Precious" Sidibe? You might not think you do, but you do! You really do! The film is already off to a rocky start at the box office, and I think word of mouth among people who were looking for something a little more mainstream won't be good (much like Drive), so you should go see it in theaters while you can. Highly recommended! 

Grade: A

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