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The Five Stages of Exam Grief: The Playlist

As exam season begins once again, music becomes a life line. It becomes a coping mechanism and one of the only ways to survive the stress.

Stage One: “I can do it!”

The short lived blissful stage, where you believe that you really can do it. You can get that A!

1. “Take a Walk” -- Passion Pit

I personally consider this song to be one of my pump up songs. It’s incredibly peppy, and entirely upbeat, so much so that I catch myself dancing to it in the shower. Kind of positive, it helps to put me into work mode.

2. “Bohemian Like You” -- Dandy Warhols

Another song that gets me moving, “Bohemian Like You” is relatively catchy and upbeat.  

3. “Sofi Needs a Ladder” -- Deadmau5

Dubstep. Need I say more?

4. “Lucky Strike” -- Maroon 5

This is currently a guilty pleasure thanks to my big. Maroon 5 has been around for awhile, and have really diversified recently. This song is no exception, and is a lot of fun to dance around too.

5. “Deceptacon” -- Le Tigre

Another song that is just fun to listen to. Incredibly unique and quirky, it’s definitely upbeat and kind of catchy.

Stage Two: “Do I really have to?”

It’s getting closer to the exam, and procrastination is beginning to set in. You are racked with existential questioning, ranging from delving into the meaning of your life to questioning the purpose of exams in the first place.

1. “Lightning Crashes” -- Live

I imagine procrastination music to be slower, and very downing. “Lightning Crashes” is a perfect choice, due to it’s incredibly depressing lyrics, depicting both death and heart break.

2. “Dead Hearts” -- Stars

Another equally as depressing song, the lyrics detail the tragedy that is heartbreak and well, dead hearts.

3. “Right Where it Belongs” -- Nine Inch Nails

Nothing expresses the feeling of being trapped quite as much as this song does.

4. “He Films the Clouds Pt.2” -- Maybeshewill

I usually consider post rock as part of my post-exam music repertoire, but this song does a good job channeling pre-exam emotions. It’s an amazing work of art, and you can really feel the depth and emotion in this song.

5.  “Cough Syrup” -- Young The Giant  

As the lyrics go, “Life is too short to even care at all, whoaa!”.


It’s the night before the exam, and reality is setting in-- you’ve never actually learned this before.

1. “Burn” -- Apocalyptica

This song does a good job channeling all of my negative energy-- angry and fast paced, it echoes the emotions the night before an exam, as panic begins to set in. (I’d also like to burn my tests, but that’s slightly frowned upon..)

2. “Schism” -- Tool

My all time favorite Tool song-- it never fails to help clear my head. Plus, what angry playlist would be complete without it?

3. “Admit it!!!” -- Say Anything

One of the best angry songs I own. It’s the perfect song when there is something you need to whine about. Like hipsters.

4. “COM (?)” -- Mono

Post rock that has a metal vibe to it. It arcs with a sudden intensity, echoing any frustration. It’s also a fantastic on vinyl, and one of the first records I’ve heard.

5. “When They Come for Me” -- Linkin Park

This song really does explain my feelings when my exams come for me. Incredibly angry, it is a lot of fun to sing along with and invigorating.

Stage Four: “A:LDSJLKAJFLJAD:LFJALSJ:DJFL:SJDL:F. I’m going to vomit.”

You are sitting in the exam room, pencil in hand, test on the desk in front of you. Your stomach is in a knot, every nerve taking over. The taste of bile is fresh in your throat as you stare at the clock in the corner-- the second hand nearing go time.

1. “Catch Me Now I’m Falling” -- The Kinks

I feel like the song title is most appropriate for this aspect of the playlist.

2. “Hopeless Wanderer” -- Mumford and Sons

As I hopelessly wander to take my exam..

3. “Let’s Not Shit Ourselves” -- Bright Eyes

This is what I tell my friends and myself while we wait to take any exam.

4. “Panic Switch” -- Silversun Pickups

Mine is certainly flipped on while I wait for the inevitable.

Stage Five: “It’s over. I need a drink.”

You have successfully conquered the exam, and you are ready for a celebratory (or coping) drink.

1. “Burial On the Presidio Banks” -- This Will Destroy You

I find post rock to be some of the most calming music, and this song is no different. You can feel the emotion, especially at its climax halfway through the song.

2. “Moya” -- god speed you black emperor

I consider this to be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Calming to listen to and with multiple climaxes, it channels emotion in an unique way. You can feel the music while you listen.

3. “Reunion” -- The xx

This song is incredibly calming, and perfect to zone out too. It kind of has the same effect as sitting on the beach, and listening to the ocean. Well. Kind of.

4. “Still Here” -- Digital Daggers

Slow, and slightly pessimistic, this song gives me imagery of dancing alone in a ballroom. It’s perfect for reflection, and a little bit of an escape from the after exam emotions.

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