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The WORST Promo Guys in Wrestling

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This was such and easy one to decide and calculate. I went over who I thought was the best here: Top 5 Promo Guys in Pro Wrestling and the worst stick out like a sore penis.

As mentioned in the above post that the ability to be able to manipulate the crowd positively and negatively can influence a successful career even if your physical ability is below the industry standard. It can also very easily be the reason that creative will have nothing for someone. There are great wrestlers out there that never hit the pinnacle the of business due to simple fact that the crowd does not care about them. This list is some of the guys that enjoyed various success in spite of them being completely fucking inept behind the mic.

The Iron Sheik: 

I'm still unsure about how I feel about the Iron Sheik. He's a drug ravaged racist and bigot but you can laugh at him like when your Grandpa yells at the nightly news. The Iron Sheik was a little before my time but I understood the character he was casted to play. He was the face of evil for America at the time. The scary and foreign terrorist who came from Iran to take away our baseball and bald eagles. He was put up against some top guys in the business Backlund, Hogan, Slaughter, Piper but to me his character lacked depth and his in ring work was very boring, slow, and lazy. He either refused to use English or never changed his gimmick for decades with his broken sentences, his long ramblings, or the same fact that he beat Bob Backlund in 1979. It kept this charade going on for his whole career somehow with enjoying a large amount of success. The simple fact that he was awful during his promos can't be ignored. The Sheik's career to me is a total anomaly.

I love when he calls Junk Yard Dog - Jar Jar Dog


Sid I understand his successes a little bit more than Sheik. Sid was huge, well built, and for real crazy (ask Arn Andersons stabbed body). He hit all three major companies at the time and earned gold in all of them. He was notoriously difficult to keep under control but companies kept him around because his scariness translated well with the fans. I never understood why they let him behind the mic. He could have very easily had a full time manager, or been the strong silent type and I feel he would have had such a sustainable career beyond what it turned out to be. He was a train wreck when given the microphone He was firm believer that louder = better. 

Sid hates time.


Ultimate Warrior: 

The Warrior, much like Sid, had enough of an in ring presence and real life craziness that made them perfect for professional wrestling. The Warrior's promos are famously insane. I know it was probably out of cunning design that they gave him mic time so consistently. The Warriors promos went everywhere. They spoke of everything from rocket ships, to Greek Mythology, to intelligible sounds. I think that his mindless rants really damaged his career more than his bigoted mouth ever could. Watching these again took alot of retrospective respect I once had for him and turned him into a silly pass time when I'm out of cat videos.

The Warrior explains how the human body works.

 Scott Steiner:

Scott Steiner is the worst kind of person. He's a bully on and off character. He's a well known racist. Plus, he took every kind of shortcut he possible could to gain success. He left his friends behind, his pride behind, and apparently his mind behind back in the mid 90's. His mic performances are the worst in the business. He has no clue what he's saying at anytime. He doesn't make any sense, and the thing that separates him from the other "worst" on the list is the fact that he doesn't make anyone better around him. His stupidity takes so much away from the hype of the match. His nonsense make you actually step back from the fantasy of wrestling and question the man's ability to function in society. Scott Steiner is the worst in my opinion hands down, end of story.

Scott Steiner Math

If you have time watch this Steiner compilation from

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