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Though the travels are over, here are some photos I didn't show you yet. I originally wanted to do a photo essay of different vets around the country. That didn't develop. But here's what I did get, plus a few spare shots! Enjoy!

There's a Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh.

Idaho Springs, CO

Lyons, CO

The owner of the Bug Theatre in Denver

Denver, CO

There's a Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh. Just one.

Colorado Springs, CO

SFMOMA. Funny because it's not art.

Thought we'd revisit the thumb.

This seagull is sitting on a lamp post.

These kids were sending pics of the cat's vehicle.  I took a pic of them.

Did I show you the world's largest frying pan?

A bookstore I didn't get to go into.

Add caption, Chux Chazer.

Seattle, WA

And finally, a well observed tribute to CANADA!!

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