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Construx Indux 2012: Peelander-Pink

10:19:00 AMPaul

It's no secret that the Construx guys are huge fans of the planetary pioneers that are Peelander-Z. So it's no surprise that this year's final inductee, a late entry actually, is Yumiko Kanazaki, the true leader of the travelers of twin universes and chin-upiverses. I don't think that any of the male members of the outfit would deny that it's Pink's mixture of sweet and spice, of demure destructiveness that flavors the band and rounds it out ever so nicely.

She is a mix of artistic conceit, musical embellishment and top notch hype man that most bands don't consider, especially punk bands. Pink's presence on stage is reminiscent of second wave ska band dancers, who contributed at just the right moment on a backing vocal or guitar but are more there because they are masters of hyping a crowd and setting a mood.

Moreover, Pink's talents lie in her ability to command a stage. An MC in the original sense, she effortlessly dictates the action from both behind the scenes and in front of the crowd, prowling the perimeter in and out of elaborate themed costumes ready for any eventuality. Ian recounts the moment he knew she was the choice individual for the next generation of inductees: "So, in the middle of 'Mad Tiger', after she passes out all the pots and pans and leads everyone around the venue, she gets back on stage and tucks herself into herself, as small as she can make herself, and then sweetly counts back into the song, "1 [wiggle 2[wiggle]"-- all the while tension is building, in the crowd or at least in me, then just screams viciously, "ONE TWO THREE FOUR!!!!" I was blown away and it energized me for the rest of the show."

In addition to being able to command a stage show filled to the gills with live cartoons, I have learned from Pink's facebook that she parties hard. TO put it all in perspective, if she and fellow inductee Andrew WK there would be some sort of critical mass explosion of fun and love... and no survivors. Well, much love to Pink. Congratulations from Paul, Ryan and Ian of!!!

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