My life after a cat circus

3:22:00 PMPaul

To only the most loyal of Chux Chazerx, our attractive, valiant, debonaire hero offers this loose paraphrase from that Modern Wordsmith, The Diabolical B-I-Z:  "The tour was over and I went back to sleep."  Or perhaps some BS is more apropos: "He stroked a cat at the age of 29, it could have been a brilliant career."

Yes, Seattle was the final stop on the tour and whilst tempers apparently flared and ostensible transgressions transcended semblances, time pressed forth, forcing precious timbre on the road ahead.  And while a distinctive air of emptiness descends on our as-of-now stationary man abroad, he mans his stationery with broad strokes to bring you the last document and testament of his long ride home and what it will have meant:

The best advice (i.e. the only good advice) received in the Northwest.

Rapid City, SD.  Somehow appearing serene and comforting, suburbia wise.

I barely made it out alive.

A cow.  Sioux Falls, SD.

And an appropriate ending.

If I'd been more fun, there'd have been more for ya to see (or so I'm told), but being that I'm not, we'll make what we can out of it.  Although Construx has so many great new features and contributors on the horizon, I still may find time and space to expound on seemingly profound lessons learned.  We'll see what stuck and what sticks.  Either way, I rest easily know I've made Supertramp proud, however the accidental sentimentalist in me keeps thinking of this song (which I don't even like that much!!)

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