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my life with the cat circus: Wouldn't wanna be yattle

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Those of you who know me, know I've had plenty of horrible adventures in the Northwest. I've met various villains, scads of cads and boundless bounders. I had hoped that returning there may convince me that not everyone in Seattle is a complete creep. So so so close! And those who've kept up with my travels and travails know that Seattle was pretty much a lousy time all around. Instead of leaving further indelible damning demarcations, and instead of extending this into two parts as originally planned, I offer this photo essay with limited commentary interruption.

The Gypsy Cafe at 35h and Stone Way, where I had lots of coffee and met someone who I didn't think was horrible...

The Marco Polo hotel at Aroura and 40th, where bunches of people stayed.  They weren't too horrible.

The ever-popular Troll on Troll Ave and 34th (I think).  Bunches of people saw it, though that was the first time for me.

This was near the theater.  Cute.

What Seattle thinks of her nayburr.

This was behind the theater.

And for anyone who's wondering, Kerric was there.

Trust me, this is the best this city's ever looked.

Probably the best thing I saw in Seattle.  This can be found in the men's bathroom of the Dubliner, along with plenty other good graf, on Fremont and 36th, I believe.

Supposedly the Center of the Universe, found in a city that supposedly embraces the offbeat and not-totally-white-bread...

Two blocks down from the theater.  This guy's ex girlfriend painted a canvas containing a two-headed pigeon with which I strongly identified (whilst later walking three hours through the city in the middle of the night).  The pigeon can be found on 14th Avenue near Aloha.  They probably aren't so bad.

I thought signs like this only existed in that swell, sweltering cesspool of swill, Philadelphia.

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