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As you may already know, The Clemente Brothers will be celebrating their second anniversary as hosts of Construx Nunchux ( The past year has seen some major accomplishments, such as our PBJ nightmare series, the ever popular Lobster Lobby, the long-awaited sequel to Woods Madness and the addition of Ryan Noble as our Canadian Construx Correspondent. We're excited to share this exciting milestone with fans worldwide and hope you can be a part of the celebration.

This year we actually received some shout outs from our friends and heroes and are really just so happy with the results.  Thanks to everyone who's helped us along in the past year and contributed their time and insight to our outsource site.  You are all supremely silly and full of stuff.  We've had so many wonderful experiences and are so proud of everything we've been inspired to create.  Here's what others in the community have had to say:

A shout out from Pittsburgh's premier Sports and Mini Ponies blog; Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies

And from the smartest hockey blog on the universe's left shoulder, High Heels and Hockey

And finally, Some words from the immortal Dave Sanford:

Thanks to everyone for your kind words of genuine support and we look forward to further collaborations in our THIRD YEAR!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

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