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Ian's Final Summer Jamz

7:05:00 PMPaul

Well. Summer'z ending so this will be the last Jamz of this summer two twelve, all. Please enjoy and feel free to share your faves from this season with your frenz at cXnX.


Grand Puba "What Goes Around Comes Around"

I can't tell ya nothin new here. There is something about the lyrical delivery, the flow, so flexible andd so sharp, that seems sing-songy. In the best possible way. The rhymes he chooses and where he places them give his flow an air that can also be called lyrical, if it weren't already called lyrics. Ripe flavor here.

Showbiz and AG- "Fat Pockets"

Talk about fat beats!

Alkoholiks- "Flute Song"

"I bring sand to the beach and leave with more sand--" Hahaha!! Excellent beat.

Bryan Ferry "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"

I used to spend a lot of time with a sweet someone who swore by Roxy Music and Mr. Ferry. That started me on a path of discovering this man's great body of work, so thank you stormy, nameless former flame. This buries what is otherwise a fairly run of the mill Dylan song.

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