Free Music Friday Fo Yo Face 5/27/11

9:00:00 AMPaul

I have to admit I had no idea this was a cover of another artist, but I love the performance of this song. It's catchy, has a great simple meaning, and is sung with wonderful conviction. This song just makes you feel good, and inspires you to sing along at the top of your lungs with a cheerful grimace.

Zubz is an MC from South Africa who earned his place from battling other MC's in competitions. If you ever wondered what happened to Outkast, and think Black Eyed Peas are too sugary this is a band to check out. They are just fun to listen to, their beats are so danceable you can't help but to move to this song. I admit I havent heard the rest of the album but I cant wait.

This band is an English/Spanish band based out of Spain. The coolest part of the mystique of the band is that the group took their name ‘Crystal Fighters’ from an unfinished opera which Laure’s grandfather had penned during his final months of insanity. Laure came across the manuscript while clearing out the reclusive old man’s remote home in the country. She quickly became obsessed by the intriguing scrawls within it and shared it with the others. Captivated by its seemingly prophetic contents, the band took on the name and formed in an attempt to expand upon the wild and deranged spirit of the old man’s writings. 

The band reminds me of vampire weekend, rusted root, and Peter Gabriel all mixed together. I like the different influences they weave throughout the song, and the hook is infectious as least. The lyrics drag you in due to the irrational and unique circumstances they fall under. I think this band although promoted through the success of Fleet Foxes, and Mumford and Sons this band sets themselves apart from the pack.

Download it here: Crystal Fighters - Plage

Ramones- The Crusher

There are two distinctly different versions of this song.  This version is from the last Ramones record, a sorta so-so collection of songs wherein this track stands out as pretty hooky and charming.  The original was written and recorded solo by Dee Dee Ramone who, in the heyday, wrote most of the big big album tracks.  The catch is that he recorded The Crusher as a rap song... on an album full of rap songs... For those who need to be convinced it's embarrassing (for Dee Dee, for punk, for hip-hop) even to listen to and don't think they'd need a shower afterwards, get on with that intrepidation.

Download: The Ramones - The Crusher

I'm not going to defend this selection since the reasoning is obvious.  Potentially, some chuX chazerz are unaware that the record Be A Man was released in 2003 containing, among better known tracks, a tribute to the recently deceased Mr. Perfect who did not die in a car crash.  Anyway, I won't say that the beats and rhymes aren't generic, but in all honesty, if this track was the only one released, and not surrounded by questionably marketable bravado, it would be a sincere, nearly touching tribute.  I can only hope that someone makes enough time to pay equal respects in a similar style and perhaps for the 10th anniversary deluxe edition re-release, there is a tribute entitled "My Savage Friend".

Download: Macho Man - My Perfect Friend

Greenleaves- Yatta!

Again, if you don't know why this song is here, then you must be new.  I hope you enjoy our archived silliness.

 Download: Green Leaves - Yatta!

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