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Andy Kaufman Sighting

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Andy (above) and his famous belly flop
These are scans of pictures we found contained in a mailed correspondence we received at Construx Castle. This was not a recent sighting, but a delightful reminder of Andy's life outside of entertainment. 

Hey Paul & Ian,

My name is Ed Smith and I actually used to go to High School with Andy Kaufman at Great Neck North High. Go Goats! I know most of your viewers who get put in the website found Andy somewhere in the world, but I actually knew Andy before he moved to the city. Andy and I were on the Great Neck Aquatics Team together (swimming and diving)

What I remember about Andy was he took ruining our sport so seriously. He would come to every meet, and take as many events as he could (even some he was not scheduled to be in). He would demand to swim women, which maybe prompted his wrestling idea? When he would dive, would only belly flop, then argue the score.

Andy (above) swimming the 100m butterfly
I know this all sounds funny, but it was incredibly disruptive and detrimental to the team. The time he insisted on swimming nude; people still talk about to this day on the school board. We did not win a single meet those two years Andy was on our team, due to disqualifications and false starts cause by improvisational singing to old western songs.

I attatched some xerox copies of some yearbook photos for you to check out. If you can use them on your website you are more than welcome to.

Ed Smith

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