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Andy Kaufman Sighting

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This letter we received a few weeks ago from Chux Chaser, Gertrude Brolly from New Haven CT. We love posting these as almost as much we love reading them. If you happen to spot Andy is your part of the world please send all mail to Enjoy this letter telling a story of about finding Andy in the beautiful Northeast.

"Hi Construx guys,

I was at Louis Lunch right in New Haven (the birthplace of the hamburger) and you never guess who I saw sitting down the way from me, my cousin Maybee! We were talking about her son, who just got a job working for New Haven Utilities, and how he saw a strange man here a few days ago eating one of the "original hamburgers" right here about a day ago. He was a malnourished mustachioed man, who muttered something about how they don't press good vinyl records these days, which was odd because I just sold mine to a nice man from a Penny saver ad. Claire was waiting on him, and she told my son that the strange man, was indeed Andy Kaufman! She noticed this when he signed the slip to pay for his lunch and an the tip was left in a jar of tap water. Anyways, I sent you some pictures Claire took on her cellular phone, i hope you can use them for your Internet.

Chux Chaser,

Gertrude Brolly"

re: Andy pics?

Andy silent after lunch

Andy seemed angry to be spotted

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