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The 4 Corners of Paul's Brain

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My brain is fundamentally broken. It consistently fights itself, clouding my judgement and dilutes my decision making abilities. I want to introduce you to the 4 characters my mind splits into when processing a thought. I imagine them as characters fighting against each other, then when one of them wins it guides me down a path that satisfies it.

1. The Dark Avenger: The dark avenger I imagine is a violent vigilante hero. He is the part of paul's brain that notices an injustice either in the world or personally against himself, and demands all of his mental resources for revenge. He is the least useful of the characters that control paul's brain, consuming him with righteous anger, and enlists his sense of activism.

The dark avenger rarely hunts down a problem, and stays mainly reactionary. His responsibilites remain defensive but aggressive. He will take a solid black and white stance making the actual problem not the issue, but the desire for swift harsh punishment for the offending deed.

The dark avenger unfortunately gets quelled by reality Paul, or the Paul with no name, when his influence becomes too strong, but also keeping the total Paul out of trouble.

2. The Mad Scientist: the mad scientist, is probably the most prevalent, and powerful faction of paul's brain. The mad scientist is arrogant, manipulative, and a part of the brain that loves social experimentation through strange little games that only him and Paul understand. The mad scientist typically keeps paul extroverted, but mentally sharp.

This part of paul's brain uses his actual intellect to dissect problems and is actually becomes useful to other people. The mad scientist will go out of his way to answer questions, solve problems, and give advice. He does possess the actual genuine desire to heal, but he does it more to satisfy his fragile ego.

The mad scientist will step in when the paul with no name doesn't seem to want to get then job done. He will take a problem, analyze it and usually conquer it easily. He loves confrontation, he thrives on complicated problems, and he loves lying, manipulation, and social entrapments.

3. Reality Dad: this is the most common Paul. He overrides the insane dealings of the dark avenger, and the mad scientist keeping Paul level and responsible. Reality Paul puts the needs of his family first over anything. He thrives on compliance, order, and compassion. He is fiercely loyal, and flawlessly dependable. He gained power over paul's brain after Lexi was born, and has had the most powerful tenure in his head.

Reality paul is a little introverted when it comes to outside issues, keeping his focus on his family. He is the only part of my brain who has the override key when shit gets out of hand. He handles problems by using all advice from the other three and diplomatically choosing what's best. He works well with the paul who has no name.

4. The Paul with no name: This is the most spiritual Paul. He borrows heavily from eastern Buddhist philosophies, and is usually clutch in emergencies. He is the only one who refuses to work with the dark avenger, and the mad scientist. He will rationalize problems down to the point where nothing matters. He manipulates Buddhist philosophy to solve problems down to where the stress is alleviated and nothing matters.

The Paul with no name shines through with the most stressful, deep rooted problems that have no easy solutions to them. He convinces reality Paul that nothing truly matters, and in reality that none of them exsist. He keeps peace, distributes compassion, and although relatively new to the other 3, he maintains the most influence over Paul. Sadly, he is not nearly called upon enough, and does not actively step forward taking control keeping a passive eye on most situations.

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