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Construx Xonspiratorz: Rusko

3:05:00 AMPaul

Concert Review by Beatz Reporter Mark Korosi

I was given an opportunity to write cXnX's first ever concert review while celebrating my Easter Vacation in the one and only Chi-town. My Destination: The Congress Theatre to see Dubstep DJ Rusko. Having had already seen the energetic DJ at Lollapalooza 2010 and at the Starlight Ballroom in Philadelphia in Spring 2010, my expectations were set high.

As I got off CTA near the Congress a thunderstorm had started to develop, however the booming thunder was no comparison to Rusko's filthy drops and wobbles. Opening with Giant's 'Money for Nothing' Remix, Rusko instantly set the place into a frenzy. The DJ kept things going strong while still incorporating some good old-school tracks which happened to be my personal favorite moment of the concert, when he played his early hit 'Jahova' leading straight into 'Get Ya Cock Out'.

Aside from the music I was also noticing how different the composition of the crowd was for this show compared to the previous times I had seen him perform. It became very apparent to me after being at the concert for a half hour that more of the mainstream college population is discovering the genre and flocking by the hundred to be a part of the rapidly growing electronic music scene. Despite the increased display of testosterone at the show, I, and others not looking to grind with everything around him/her, still had a blast. Rusko rocked Chicago, leaving most (including myself) exhausted and sweaty from the dancing swell on the main floor of the Congress.

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