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Banana Sandwich #1: Can't Break the Bank(s)

9:25:00 AMPaul

What's Hot: Carlton Banks

Paul: Carlton Banks is clearly the hot retro commodity these days. Oh, I remember the days a good ALF joke, or even a well timed Uncle Jesse pun was always a safe bet at a party or social gathering, but now its all about Carlton. He was an easy choice with his smooth as silk dance moves, his financial wizardry, and his innocent view on the world around him. His cousin Will constantly trying to change his ways he stayed strong to his 5 year plan, and impeccable sense of style. We could all learn a thing from Mr. Banks, always stay true to yourself even when a wisecracking cousin from the crotch of the world (Philly) tries to change you. Hats off to you, sir ... hats off to you.

Ian:  Alfonso Ribeiro.  Alfonso MFin Ribeiro.  Ribbed for everyone, no doubt.  Look.  I don't disagree with a single thing Paul listed.  The man is inimitable.  But.  BUT.  He has never been outta style.  While Will Smith, indistinguishable from the character he played on TV (whose name escapes me), has always had to pander to the mindless territorial pissers that are Philadelphians, C-Note's style is now, always was, and has consistently remained universal.  While the up and coming and upcoming college set still fall back on asking each other if they remember the original TGIF line-up or quoting some live action Nickelodien catch-phrase, Carlton's character displayed not only a consistency of character and morals (even when presented with a free poon pass in the form of Will's weekly hottie's tougher friend who tossed him like a rag doll) that has provided not only amusement but last lessons beyond simple ironic nostalgia.  While the original comedy came from mere comic foil between breeding and street smarts, Carlton's character developed beautifully.  A lesser actor would not have been able to inject the straightlaced character with the 3 dimensions necessary to convince us that he loved Will enough to bust lead for him but at the same time competed with Will for Phil's attention as well as competing with Will for Will's attention.  Forget Chachi;  Carlton truly was in charge.

What's Not: cannanstrux

like i need to impress you

Paul: From April 1st Canaan Patragas took over this website and spewed his cat hating, slanderous filth all over the internet. Now that we are back in full force no one is going to be talking about the dark period of construx history. It's out like Ricky Martin ... not his music or him ... it was a gay joke .... never mind. Anyways, if you are still reppin' Canaanstrux, you have no idea what's going on.

Ian: We all make mistakes.  Sometimes a man gets lonely.  I don't want to talk about it.  Uno menudo, por favor.

What's Back:

Paul: This was an obvious pick for the comeback of the week. We are back in full force, and will quickly be the hottest thing going on this series of tubes and tunnels we call the internet.

Ian: After reviewing just two new posts and with the foresight of new features and inclusions and explosions and extortions, I think cXnX, complete with sassy new humility is not only back, but better for the time to refocus and cater to Chux Chasers worldwide.  At the same time, we've prepared ourselves to delve even more deeply into ourselves and our treacherous torturous past.  No longer the disrespectful punks of yesterday (literally), you'll see we now strive to make the personal universal and the universal understandable.  But, no need to hype it, you're already here.  Look to the left, the right (in one week, one of these blogs won't be sitting next to you); you know you love it. We'll see you at this year's Vegas blog expo.

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