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Paul in Chicago

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I was lucky enough to be able to visit my brother Ian in the lovely city of Chicago. It was my first time in the Windy city, and I forced Ian to show me all the touresty places in the city, and I was really excited to see all that the city had to offer. 

Here are some of the sites I saw:

What I was so happy about the city was the ease and availability of public transportation. One phone call and a cab arrives at your place in just a few minutes!

Although not a big baseball fan, I was amped to see Wrigley Field, one of the most famous stadiums in the world. It was hard to contain my excitement with all the Cubs fans celebrating all over the place.

I've always been hard on street art, this one is not only unique, but I'm sure is politically inspired.

The Water Tower place is a huge steel building 74 stories long piercing the skyline of Chicago. It's located in the Miracle Mile section of the city, which reminds me of New York City with its commercial blitz to your senses.

This was located outside the Hancock building, the sixth tallest building in the US. It has a place to eat of floor 95, and a pool on the 44th floor the tallest in the US. I was excited to see inside but, the hot steamy weather kept us from raising myself to the top floor.

This was outside the Old Water Tower, it was erected in 1869 primarily to hold a ton of water in case of a fire, and now has turned into a visitor's center for all the tourists. The building looks so much like a penis I could not stop laughing.

This is one of the hundred of newsstands around the city, we took a picture after how limp my body felt after walking so much. It was here that I found out which park Peelander-Z was playing in that night.

The Chicago Tribune one of the oldest, and famous newspapers in the US. The building was such a beautiful hard stone, it looked like a castle.

This building sticks out like a sore thumb amongst all the tall buildings in the city. It's a french renaissance inspired building housing the Wrigley company.

This was the long stretching city scape of Chicago; truly beautiful.

This is where Ian works his long and hard hours day after day at Microsoft.

This was in Millennium Park in the heart of Chicago. This is called the Cloud Gate, one of the most photographed attractions in the world. Kids were so excited putting their hands all over it admiring the shape and feel of it.

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