Free Muzik Friday Fo Yo Faze (6-3-11)

8:45:00 AMPaul

Better Than You Friends - Gorgeous Bully
So, Gorgeous Bully is somewhat of an underground phenom in Plymouth UK (orig fromz Cornwall I'm tolde).  His bread and butter is a lot of solo acoustic numbers that fall into one of two categories:  chromatic ballads (I don't know if it'd actually be chromatic, tekz, but I wanted to throw the word in) and high energy, frenetic strumming and half-spat lyrics.  How I heard aboutim is beesee of a new EP.  While my favorite song has no accompanying video, here is one that has a video. The mp3 is a fuller produzed verz. Something strikes me as kinda... hobo bout it all... noice.

Come Back- Freddie Clean

Back stateside, Freddie Clean is a long-time singer songwriter with a somewhat galvanized approach.  His songs have often been covered, but mostly dude gets around... Chicago, NYC and Pittsburgh.  Like most traveling acts, Clean has recorded almost at whim, with what equipment and backing musicians are available and often revising songs.  Below is a version of a track called "Come Back" recorded by a girl named Nuala, in England apparently.  There are two mp3s, one is a full band version of "Come Back" led by Freddie Clean and the second is his cover of a Beck song.  Doowutchyalike...

Red + Black- Romeo + Juliet

Romeo + Juliet is a bicoastal music project, fittingly enough, between a guy (JMAK) and a girl (Leeni) who both work on other musical projects.  The overall timbre of this particular project is fairly creepy and organic half-folk, like the idea of a vine strangling a nearby bird to death who unwittingly continues to sing instead of escape.  The video is a Hall and Oates cover, beesee that's all that was available, but the mp3 download is an original that sort of epitomizes that creepiness called "Red and Black" which are, appropriately enough, both colors...

The Weeknd - What you Need

The Weeknd (yes, no E) is a Canadian R&B artist Abel Tesfaye, who released this song as well as three others as a part of this trilogy concept he has for this year. This album is so classy, and can be described as perfect modern day lounge music. You can close your eyes, and see yourself on a rooftop party enjoying a drink you can't pronounce. I heard this song, and almost wanted to start smoking. What you want is a mix of trip hop, 2step, R&B all presented through a rocks glass.

Plan B - She Said

Plan B is the next, next, next big thing in the UK (if i lost track -its tough to keep up) I have to admit relatively speaking I am late to the bandwagon with this guy, as I saw him on Conan a few months ago, and instantly became intrigued. Plan B is Ben Drew an actor/musician from the UK, and his latest soulful album is pretty solid. He reminds me is Robin Thicke, and Mike Skinner (the streets) fused together and put out an album. Say what you want about trendy bands, this guy is clearly doing something different and should enjoy all the success he has coming to him,

The Accusers - Casting Gray

This band apparently does not like to promote themselves because I cannot find much information on them. I know they sound like a pleasant mix between Dredg, and Interpol. The lyrics are something to be desired, but it's all nicely gift wrapped in melodies, and strong vocals. Rock is definitely taking a back seat to other genres right now, and this was a nice refreshing change of pace from all the radio friendly frat rock out there.

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