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Instant Insanity...

6:25:00 AMPaul

"Samantha studied the rocketship.  She a peculiar build and was very tiney.  She was made of tin.  She wore tin clothes. The walls were closing in around her all of the sudden.  She knew she wouldn't be missed, like the period after the Dr. on Dr Pepper cans after they stopped using the period on the cans.  She talked to Tracey earlier in the day.  Tracey said they'd meet there, but didn't showed up yet.  Samantha and Tracey both loved Harry.  Harry died last night.  Neither of them knew.  His body was in the rocketship.  She opened the door of the rocketship but didn't see anything.  Harry had been there last night with Aeroin.  THat's who he was with last.  Tracey showed up. 'Are you here?  Yoohoo!  Are you here?"  Samantha attacked Tracey.  She came out of the rocketship rabide.  The rocketship was in the backyard.  But whose toes?  Tracey ended up losing her shitr.  Samantha was had watiing a long time when Tracey showed up and didn't know what was taking her so long.  Aeroin and Samantha were in together.  Tracey and and Samantha were courins.  Tracey died.  When Samantha was waiting for Tracey she started shaking and she was thinking of how she shook hands with Harry with the rest of the time the firts tim e they met.  Harry was chopped p but wknow one knew yet.  Harry was dead and in the rocketship.  He was begignning to smell bad but no one could smell anything inside the clean shiney rocketship.  She was just old enough to zstart going.  Exciteing!  She was in her robe.  She didn't know what to do with Tracey.  30 years.  But who's toes?  Harry stuided a lot.  It made no sense!  Tracey had made up the meeting but maybe she got lost or maybe she was with Janet.  She called Tracey. "Tracey!  Tracey!  I'm over here!'"

"Make mine a Giff's!"

why so SMEARious??


(this wonte hurte a bitte)


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