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Andy's Antics (6-15-11)

1:17:00 PMPaul

here's one that's pretty straightforward.  not much to add except that you get a set of cXnX bumper stixerz if we use your sighting, so keep em coming.  unfortchz, due tue legalness, we aren't really allowed to say whether we think our submissions are actually Andy or not.--cXnX mGmX

"hey guys.  settle a bet.  i saw andy kaufman last week and my work buddy keeps arguing with me about it.  it was at the Dix Ford dealership off 30.

i went to look at new trucks and this dude jumped out from behind one right when i came onto the lot.  sure i was pissed i almost clocked the guy but i was like wait a minute i know this guy it's andy kaufman.  so i laughed and told him i was a big fan.  he's like a big fan of what?  trucks?  me too then started pretending like he was in a truck and beeping like he was backing up.  it was funny and we just kept lookin around the lot.

so like 5 minutes later i'm lookin at a truck and he pops up from the drivers side window.  he didnt scare me that time but my buddy jumped like ten feet.  so we just started ignorin him but he follow us around.  we were circlin this one pickup and he came runnin from the otehr side of the lot and took a flying leap over the hood.  he didnt clear the hood.  so like now a salesman came out and was just sorta starin from the doorway, like he was pretty pissed off.  andy walked off the lot and i turned to my buddy.  i was like, dude that's andy kaufman and he was telling me no no no.

the salesman came up to us and asked if everything was ok and we said yes.  about 5 minutes later andy comes back up to the lot sorta sneaky and starts following us around just lookin over my shoulder and sayin ahh mmhmm yes.  then out of nowhere he says you don't want that.  i said what?  he said you don't want a truck. look at this bike.  it's got two wheels. two!  we tried to ignore him again but he kept talkin about how great the bike  was.  he started singin "infinity mi-iles."  he told us you can't pop a wheelie in a truck and started ringing the bell.  he was saying look?  see?  a bell!  way better than a horn.

then he started growling.  he was talking about prices and shoving paperwork in your face.  he was like thats your name right? thats your address right?  what's you're address?  hey see this bike?  someone famous owned it.  who was it.  he was on tv.  i said was it andy kaufman?  he said no no that guy from the one show i cant remember.  he started trying to force me to sit on the bike and shoving the bike in between my legs saying how natural it feels.  wel that was about it.  i thanked andy and went inside to use the head.

i came back out and the salesman and andy were screamin at each other.  the salesman was tellin andy to leave and andy said you owe me 32.50 for the day!  as i was getting in my truck, the owner John Dix (you know the commercials right?)  came out of his office with a gun... shit.  i got the hell out of there. the whole time my buddy was takin pictures. i said why are you taking pictures if that's not andy kaufman.  he didnt have an answer for that.

He left us with a flyer which i kept it was nothing like bike andy was trying to sell us.

so you guys are the experts what do you think?  what do i get if you post this?"

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