anniversary whoop whoop

construX nunchuX AnniverZrry XstraVaganZa

1:24:00 PMPaul


                                                The Construx Nunchux 1st Anniversary Anthem!






Top Ten cXnX Posts (8/4/10-8/3/11)

         Heavily hyped follow-up to death threats featuring impossible feats.

        A loose unanimated amalgamation of childhood memories, loosely bassed on a rivalry. Guessed 
        post by Caanan Patragas.

        Questionably offensive, ostensibly evasive and potentially embarrassing.  Pioneers with lassos.

#7    APaulogy
        A massive quantity of assorted sauces were wasted to convince you.  Decide what you believe.

        See what you missed.  The whole reason this site exists!

        You've been warned... and then some.

#4    10 for '10
        No more singles!  Just sing.

        And by greatest, we mean silliest.  No clue how it became so popular.

        We are troubled and consternated by this, but extremely intrigued and mildy aroused.

        Sweaty men we admire.  Another list.


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