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Top 10 Albums of 2010

6:04:00 PMPaul

Song: Vietnam
10. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles II

This album is what NIN wanted to be if they were relevant anymore in this decade. I love the fact they they left some of their chiptune influences and made a serious album, with amazing atmospheric songs that are easy to get lost in.

Music Math:
(NIN - Teen Angst) + (Aphex Twin - madness) + (Robert Smith x Nintendo)

Song: This is War
 9. These New Puritans - Hidden

 This album stuck out from the thousands I listened to this year. They use classic influences and mix them with darkwave. I don't consider it gothic because the music is pretty complex and intelligent.

Music Math:
(Dead Can Dance/ moderization) + (Massive Attack - Boredom) x Castlevania

Song: Meds N Feds
 8. M.I.A. - Maya

 This album was so easy to like. The hooks, and beats are infectious. In an industry where electro-pop is ruled by Lady Gaga and Ke$ha, M.I.A. grabs you by the hair and slaps you in the face. She primarily produced the album herself, and wrote all the songs which is such a rarity these days. Sometimes a little too pop soaked, most tracks on this album rattle your bones and get you head bobbing.

Music Math:
                       (Missy Elliot - the ironic parody) + sick 
                        bass lines x musical talent

Song: Set me on Fire
7. Pendulum - Immersion

This band is single-handedly brought back my interest in a genre I though I mournfully lost. I have to admit that they sound just like Prodigy, I mean just like ... Prodigy. Good news is that Prodigy is OK with it as they guest star on the album. It's nice to know that a genre that was so extensively whored out in the late 90's can yet again be interesting, and relevant again.

Music Math: Prodigy + 2 members

Song: Fuck You
 6. Cee-lo - The Lady Killer

 This album puts you right in a Delorean and takes you back to the soulful 60's. Cee-lo and his sugary vocals are so catchy, and danceable it makes you wonder why not all modern music could be like this. Also, not to overlook "this decade's Hey Ya" in Fuck You, an amazing collection of vulgarity robed in a sweet song of love and acceptance. It's simply irresistible.

Music Math: Gnarls Barkley + Marvin Gaye

Song; Tell 'em
 5. Sleigh Bells - Treats

 When I first heard this album I was hooked from the first song. I never heard a louder band in my life, they grab you by your face and punch you in the stomach from the first track on. The sexy vocals paired with the punishing beats behind it give it a perfect duality of yin and yang. What is borderline abrasive turns into sonic energy that pulses through your body and gets your ass moving.

                       Music Math: Crystal Method + dynamite +                                  + Goldfrapp 

Song: I Gave You All
 4. Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More

 These next 4 albums I can honestly say I have listened to from beginning to end more than once. Mumford and Sons write music right from their hearts, and channel it through an amazing composition of instruments. Literally every word to every song carries years of pain, joy, and longing behind it. Its music you can listen to and tell that they gave a shit, and they have a story to tell.

                       Music Math: (Bright Eyes - bad vocals)     + (Fleet Foxes - hipsters)

Song: Ready to Start
 3. Arcade Fire - Suburbs

 There is nothing I can type here that hasn't already been said about this incredible body of work. All of it is true.

Music Math: Neon Bible  + 1 album

Song: All of Them
 2. Girl Talk - All Day

 If you have no idea who Girl Talk is, I will not be your friend. This year is was 373 samples in 12 wrinkle-free tracks. He uses bits and pieces from artists as eclectic The Doors, N.w.A., White Zombie, and Iggy Pop. The whole album is like a music scavenger hunt where you hear something entirely new every single time, every time inspiring a heartfelt "oh shit"

Music Math: all music ever + hot beats

Song: Conversation 16
 1. The National - High Violet

I have to admit I'm a little late to The National love-fest. This is the first album I have heard of the 5 they have released, but I have to admit I fell hard for them. The lyrics, although cryptic, feel like they were written personally for me, and me only.  The vocals are like a delicious scotch meant to be savored instead of consumed. The musical arrangements pull forth such emotion when paired with the desperate plea to understand a world that has left him behind. Every single track is amazing and single worthy. The theme of a life that is evolving passed your understanding hits home, and carves a little special place in my heart for this masterpiece of an album.

                   Music Math: High Violet > all albums of 2010

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