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Construx Playlist #6: Throwback Highschool (part 3/4)

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21. Daft Punk - Around The World

I remember buying this album very close to it's release, and it not living up to my expectations right off the bat. Unknowingly, I was looking for trance music probably from 1995-1999 not knowing what to call it, and no one interested enough to advise me otherwise. Daft Punk was heralded as one of the best dance albums ever put out, so I bought it. I almost gave up on the whole album until the citchy song "Teachers" made me laugh enough to where I listened to the rest of the album. 

I began exploring the album falling more, and more in love as I dug deeper into it's tracks, and ended up coveting the album as one of my favorites. 

The absolute polarizing magic of "around the world" wasn't fully realized until my trip to Ocean City with my friends. I brought the disc along with me being the implied "music guy" of the group. When we got to our hotel room we set up our huge stereo in our hotel room, and started to binge drink and play cards. Keep in mind that there were different musical tastes in play here, Tony loved rap, George loved industrial, J loved metal, and Will loved rap/sublime. Amongst those friends, Daft Punk was not on my mind to win over the crowd in a party atmosphere. 

I'm not sure who put in the CD, but in one peaceful entwining moment of joy "Around the World" made its joyful presence known that day. No one took notice right away, but when the song was over everyone looked at me, and I was ready for the ball busting. I remember collectively they asked who did that song. I told them, and the song went on repeat. We listened to it again, and again, and again ... It literally brought people from adjoining  rooms over to inquire about the song. 

It was really strange the effect the song had on the entire "sun tan" hotel, as various people used that song as an ice breaker to meet us. It became the theme of the whole summer being played at almost every important moment of our lives.

22. Radiohead - Creep

If anyone tells you that they heard of Radiohead before MTV, they are lying. They came onto the grunge, alternative scene to a world who just killed "shoe-gaze" music, and accepted another British pop act. No one knew what they were capable of at the time, but Thom's vocals won me over with it's very powerful wail on Creep. I love artists that sing until the point of almost bawling, and breaking down on stage. The song was so catchy, and everyone in my little group of friends had this rewound on their cassettes until the point of unintentional distortion.

23. My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - After the Flesh

This song came out on the Crow soundtrack, the movie and the soundtrack can arguably be described as a window into the generation. I don't remember a time more prevalent for movie soundtracks. Between Mortal Kombat and the Crow soundtrack there wasn't a more culturally important collection of music in my life.  I loved the psuedo-industrial vibe to this song, because I thought the genre was already dying at the time. I still give this song a listen, and not too many other songs have bothered to imitate it. 

I do remember buying the album, and being sorely disappointed, as MLWTKK must have done this song as an experiment to what the band wanted to do. The album was no where near anything like this,  I could compare them to the B-52's  with a small electric influence. Yuck city. 

24. Depeche Mode - It's No Good

I got into Depeche Mode really late since "Personal Jesus" was a school dance favorite that came with a coordinated dance and everything. I bought this album and listened to it regularly, but what sticks out to me is where, and when I bought this album.
It was in Record Den in Monroeville Mall, and I had enough money left over from Sbarros to buy a single. It was during a shoplifting phase my friend J and I went through. Buying this single was a planned coordinated attack against the store. I don't remember what he wanted, but as I was buying the album he got pinched. Not just a slap in the hand, but they were angry enough to do the whole police "scared straight" thing. I'm pretty sure they called his parents too. We were both banned from the store (that closed 6 months later) and that moment stuck in my head apparently enough to write about it 15 years later.

25. David Bowie - Hearts Filthy Lesson

Much to the protest of his fans in the mid 90's David Bowie evolved with the current music landscape and turned his music into a graceful Nine Inch Nails rip off. Bowie did it well, citing Reznor as one of his friends, so it wasn't such a blatant copy to the average fan. I did really like the album, even coming in skeptical knowing this was an attempt to connect with my generation from someone I thought was out of touch. 

This was my second major concert though Bowie and NIN in  95. I loved the entire show. Bowie did such a wonderful job winning over the crowd, I was impressed. I loved seeing the older group who filed in hoping to hear "Changes" or "China Girl" but ended up hearing Bowie croak out "Reptile".

This was my first major concert with NIN and Marilyn Manson in 94. No one knew who (or what) Manson was at the time. I assumed he was a chick and was unprepared for what was to come. He came out on stilts with a large black dildo strapped to him, and put on one of the most punishing musical displays I have ever seen live. He was offensive, unforgiving, and just so over the top, I could not help but like him.

When "Smells Like Children" came out a few months later, you were not cool if you didn't own it after seeing the show. The first track of bizzare baby noises and mumbling became a dare to listen to it before bed, which was impossible due to paranoia the song riled in you.

27. Ministry -Just One Fix

I heard Ministry for the first time on Mtv's Headbanger's Ball.  I maintain that it was the heaviest song/album I have ever heard. I was lucky enough to get the scoop on the band before my friends, and I remember how much joy I got from telling them "This is harder than NIN, are you ready?" The whole album blew minds as it circulated through my renegade clan in high school. I can listen to it now, and it's amazing on how it doesn't sound antiquated or lame which in dealing with electronic based music is almost impossible to do.

28.Lords of Acid - I Sit on Acid

This band I liked for obvious teenager reasons. I heard this for the first time on a bus coming home from a swim meet from a senior (whos name I can't remember). She was hoping to shock me with the material, and explained "Check this out the music sucks, but it's funny"

I actually liked the music, and bought the album soon after hearing the song on the bus. The whole album was a sophomoric dirty delight of strange sex and obscenity. The rave overtones were amazing, making the body of work something unique to anything going at the time. 

The song was later rediscovered years later when my friend Tony installed a huge speaker system in his car. When he would pick me up I would bring a CD that he may have never heard before for him to listen to. He fell in love with the band, and the rave beats through a huge system was amazing. Tony basically kept the CD in his car forever, and to this day still has it. 

Also, I got to see them live right before the decline of their career with my friend George. It was a good show, with an excellent stage performance. The most memorable part of the night is when for whatever reason George shoved a crowd surfer from the caring arms of the people and into the side scaffolding that had the lights on it. The incident went unnoticed, like it never happened as we nervously prepared for confrontation. 


29. KMFDM - Drug Against War

I heard this band for the first time in a 20 second Beavis and Butthead clip. The Sin-City like video, and the insane industrial drive of the music captivated me. It was such a perfect blend of electro and industrial for me. They put out an album almost every year, but to their detriment they never evolved or changed up anything. They still hold water in a modern day audience, and it's something I rock to when it pops up on my iPod.

30. Underworld - Born Slippy

This song quickly became my high school anthem (along with speed racer, and ziggy stardust) It was the song I was waiting for a band to make for years. I loved everything about it, the bass, the lyrics, and the start of the song gave me chills. 

I think I heard this song at a house party for the first time, because I had no interest in the movie Trainspotting until years later.

This song made it to every mix tape, house party, and casual playlist I ever created for about 3 years. I could easily ramble on and on about this song, but I feel I would not do it the justice it deserves.

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