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Andrew WK is a great human being.

9:14:00 AMPaul

It was only 2 and a half short weeks before Ian and I were discussing "construx bizness" and we pinpointed the date of Aug. 4th as the day our site took it's first little baby steps into the internet. We bounced around all kinds of ideas, and shockingly we did most of what we planned to do.

We did "celebrate with cellophane", we did our In Memoriam video where I died, Ian did one of the most insane pieces of music I have ever heard, and a job analysis critiquing each others performance doing the site. The only thing we didn't get accomplished was the 10 second video of congratulations from someone we admire. We knew it was a long shot, that our stupid little slice of the web wouldn't command any attention from anyone we held in high esteem.

After some encouraging words, Ian took on the tedious task of compiling a list of people we admire and went on the impossible journey to find and contact all of them via email. Ian got very discouraged with the level of difficulty that came with contacting our favorite people in the world. To his credit he did the job really well, but was left unfulfilled and deflated.

Now without straying far from the point, we both wondered why such the disinterest in anyone doing a small video. Was it a matter of losing perspective? Were we asking too much? We also mistook alot of empty responses as arrogance, as our discouragement grew as the days went by. Deep down inside we knew it was improbable to get anyone to do anything for us, and we moved on.

I ended up doing this silly video of our hero Andrew WK:

I thought it was funny, and we used that as an obvious parody of what a video could have been from someone as awesome as Andrew WK. We posted our anniversary stuff last week, and looked towards the rest of August, and fall plans for the site. 

It was now about 3 weeks since our email campaign to contact our celebrities, and not even a sniff of a response; hell, even a generic automated response would have been funny.  Ian and I don't take ourselves seriously often, and we began to think our expectations may have been a little large for two brothers posting silly pictures, and pooping on camera. 

It wasn't until 8/12/11 at 10:20 am (est) Ian called my cell phone. He very seriously said "get on your computer, now" we always have a mental link that I cannot accurately describe, so I rarely question him. 

"Check the construx email" he said with contained excitement. I rushed to log in knowing halfheartedly what news we may be in store for. I knew it was finally a response from someone we contacted.

I saw in the subject line: Construx Nunchux 1st Anniversary


Dear Paul and Ian,

Hello! Here is Andrew's video message.




"Andrew?!" I gasped. "NO! .... What?! No!" I think I remembered me saying.

Then we got this small piece of heaven:

After a bunch of frantic celebrating, the buzz still hasn't worn off from it. 

What a nice person he must be to take even 15 seconds of his schedule to do something like this. It gives him nothing in return, but doing something nice for genuine fans. The amount of happiness he gave us was immeasurable. We thanked him in any media we thought was effective with pure gratitude, and humility.

I know in this new age (man that makes me sound old) there is so much easy access to all kinds of music, and the industry is so diverse and massive its easy to be very picky in what types of music you enjoy. Andrew WK's music might not be everyone's cup of tea, but his message rings true; positivity. 

Positivity is timeless, and rare in the music industry. He doesn't assume you want to hear about his heartaches, troubles, or his fame he has one simple message conveyed through his music "Party Hard". Party can mean anything to you, getting fucked up, hanging out with women, eating cake, listening to music, its up to you to take the meaning from it, but for god's sake .... enjoy it! Enjoy life. Enjoy being around things you like. Toss out inhibitions, and social restrictions and just have fun. Compounded with out genuine love for his musical talents; it's what makes him the perfect candidate for our unwavering respect for Mr. WK.

Again, I can't thank Andrew WK enough for the video he made for us. It reinstates the belief that we had about him truly appreciating his fans, and being an all around good human being. We will continue our digital devotion to him until the internet dies. Party Hard.

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