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Ryans Construx Jamz #12

12:47:00 PMRyan Noble

Sean Burns - Cab Driver. Another Canadian artist. Sean Burns is a Singer/Songwriter. Though he is from Ontario, Sean is constantly touring all across Canada while writing new songs while living off of Kraft Dinner and watching the Price is Right. I first heard this song last week and and loved it immediately. I loved the lyrics and the catchy chorus before he made it into the second verse. Having followed Sean since he was a young musician, I have had the chance to watch him grow into the artist that he is today. He has come a long way not only with his vocal style, but his songwriting. In my opinion, Sean is a true story teller and this song is a solid example of why I feel this way. Sadly, I have yet to see Sean preform live but I have seen videos of live performances. Not only does he have the ability to record a great song, but when live he truly presents the songs in a way that many artists wish they could in a recording studio. Great musician and an excellent human being.

If you want more, Sean's website is
You can also follow Sean as he tours on twitter: @seanburns83

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