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My Life with Teh Cat surrcuz: Pretty Damn Xciting

12:26:00 AMPaul

One of my favorite stories to tell has always been about how I was invited out to Portland only to be promptly asked to turn my fool ass around and leave. Well, now I have fresh experiences in the PDX and can roundly assert that it is boring as shit. Here's some interesting stuffz, tho:

Our RV's floor literally started falling out--

But it did manage to trungle akross one of the most beautiful bridges I've ever seen, The St. John's:

Hey did you know there's chickens in our show?!

On my first night off, I hit Ground Kontrol, which is like live Fort Knox for video games, and....

...Right down the street is the World's Only 24 Hour Church Of Elvis!!

Here's the most interesting thing that happened whilst in Portland.
I didn't go here.

I walked around for a while...
...And ended up...
Here!  With two beautiful ladies who sold me gorgeous boots.  They happened to have been at the circus too!!!

Then we left

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