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my life with the cat circus #11: San, Frisco, and Troubles in between.

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Our guide through the mysterious world of the cat circus missed his post deadline last week due to tour duties and excuses so this is a double wide post:

The cat circus broke into the proverbial hymen that is the golden state this past week. Before doing so, though, it passed through (and broke down in):

Salt Lake City:

The Doomed Saltair

Salt Flats of Utah:

The Wendover Casino Stop (on the state border):


And Sparks, NV.

(PART 2) But we eventually made it (by extending a 24 hour drive into four days) to San Fransisco:

While there, we stayed in the renowned Uptown Tenderloin district where I was told I looked like an asshole for wearing ears.  My mistake...

I had the opportunity to sample local flaava and catch some great incidental art:

We then left the glorious city of St Francis:

Made an impromptu stop in Santa Rosa, where Shikai Natural Personal Care Products are made.

And made a crippled crawl along State Rt 128, for which I want to go on the public record as not being one ounce apologetic.  Well, after making it through that gauntlet, we landed in the charming town of :

My thanks are currently extended to Ric's Corvette in Grant's Pass, OR, for the delicious chicken quesadilla and for the free wifi.  Check em out!

Coming up next week:  Portland, the 24 Hour Church of Elvis and Guest posts from editor in cheif, Polly "Scraggleloxxx" Smith.

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