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Themes for the Apocalypse

8:23:00 AMRyan Noble

(Canadian ConstruX)

People are eating people. This is happening in the U.S.A and here in Canada. We can blame it on whatever we want.. Whether it be people snorting bath salts, people thinking that they are trying to intimidate the Government or maybe people are just crazy...

Like many I will take the high road. Clearly this is the Zombie Apocalypse we have all expected. Now, I have no interest in telling you what weapons you should use to kill the undead with, where you can hide or who you should have around you so you can survive. There are many books, movies and blogs from far more qualified people. I just wanna make sure you have the right background music as you kill these monsters.

What is the Theme song for your Zombie Apocalypse? I hope some of these songs are helpful ideas as you fight the undead off of you!

The Creepshow - Zombies ate her Brain. Possibly my favorite Zombie song ever recorded. Though this horror themed band has many songs that would fit this category, this one made the most sense because of its lyrical content. (and it is called Zombies ate her Brain, duh)

Richard Cheese - Down with the Sickness. Not only was this song in the remake of Dawn of the Dead, but the lounge sound truly adds a certain "creepiness" that obviously the Disturbed version could not capture

 The Misfits - Astro Zombies. Another band that you could easily pick many of their songs to your zombie massacre. This one has a cheesiness that any zombie fan must appreciate.

Zombie Love Song - Ray Johnson. Who is this dude? Why was this song written? Who cares.. Not all songs about zombies gotta be "scary" I find this song fun, even though it might be stupid.

And because I would be an idiot if I didn't throw my own work on this list, here is a song of mine I must add. Though there are no lyrics, or anything that clearly marks this as a "zombie song" I feel there is a darkness in the music that can add to any zombie slaying experience.

These are just a few suggestions.. There are many songs that could be used. We wanna hear yours! What songs get you pumped when you kill zombies? Let us know in the comment section.

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