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So, while this fake Paul wants to accuse me of  "endgames" he is hiding things from all y'all chuX chaZerZ and compromising the professional relationships we have taken the past year (plus) to build.  So in the spirit of good will good faith and good humor, I want to repost what should have been the only Happy Anniversary video submitted to us on our anniversary.  First the video:

Second, an explanation:  This is Jon-Michael Kerestes, a well known, well respected and well connected entrepreneur in the 412 area.  His brands include healthy lifestyles, physical fitness and harsh n' tasty beatz.  He has long been allied with the cXnX family and was an early supporter of our works.  While he and the real Paul were on very close terms, new Paul knew nothing of this.  Unfortunately, Jon-Michael knew nothing of the switcheroo (that's how close to the chess we played it), and X decided to take advantage of this, attempting to obscure ths video from the light of day.  He almost succeeded, but over the weekend, I pulled some tactical shadiness of my own (with my heart in the right place) and discovered this gem buried. 

You may wonder why anyone would allow true chuX chaZerZ to suffer such frustrations.  The answer is very simple.  X does not care about you.  In fact, even referring to him as such does true injustice to the letter X. He only cares about reaping the benefits of all our hard work, which has earned us the mutual respect of such luminaries as those who graced our Anniversary page.  Hopefully this makes clear and obvious to you who really cares about you, who wants to entertain you, and who's looking out for you in 2011, 2012, and 2054.  We have our own worries in those other years.  The answer is not Fake Paul.  So with this information, you only can guess what else he is hiding...  Jon-Michael's forward-heavy and progressive concepts concerning art and music coincided very well with the original cXnX line-up and while the stodgy and arrogant fake paul disagreed with that which we supported, he didn't have to take this extra step of stifling the creative inspiration of the above video.  Clearly, his intent was to damage the morale of those still working on the site to the point of abandoning it so he could claim it for his own.  It almost worked.  I speculate he would have brought in a fake Ian, too--but really, who else is that ugly??

Jon-Michael's effortlessly brilliant video will be added to the actual celebration post, as well, a perfect and equal compliment to Mr. WK's heartfelt endorsement.  And to Mr. JMAK, you have our supreme gratitude for your support and general way of life. I extend sincere apologies and embarrassment on behalf of the entire cXnX crew and hope we can simply look forward to more astonishing collaborations, putting this wretched episode so crudely etched upon the web behind us.

thX- Ian 

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