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As I mentioned in yesterday's video, since Paul's unfortunate departure, I've been leaving clues through out the website. Chux Chazerz are much smarter than I gave them credit for initially and almost immediately began to notice them and inquire.  For several months I had been dismissing all this information as mere coincidence althewhile stockpiling these investigations underneath a sweaty bumb--i mean palm. I now feel it's only fair to present others' findings.  Hell, we may even get more information about Paul's disappearance from them!  I'm not going to disregard any clues as I may have left them subconsciously as well as the ones I planted on purpose.  I am including all current references to Paul's death/disappearance that have appeared on Construx Nunchux (dba in the past year.  I will try to arrange them in some sort of searchable format.  Some of them I may not agree with but it isn't for me to comment.  Please let me know if you have any clues/information/questions- Ian

A New Enemy [This is the first reference to Paul's noitceable absence since Woods Madness last November.]

In life you it is so rare where you are lucky enough to have your frustrations manifest into a physical form. I have something to focus years of dissatisfaction and repressed discontent on. I am blessed to have such a project that the end result will heal, and cut this cold, faded anchor.

"What is this about?  Where has Paul been, why aren't u dudes doing those funny videos anymore?
Did Paul or Ian write this?  What are you healing from?" Ali L., Nov 20

"Is this a reference to the website?  Maybe i'm just in a morbid mood but this sounds like a younger brother who finally has the spotlight."  Bob, March 31

"This always sounded a little suspcious to me, but after the Paul memorial vid, this makes perfect sense!"  Evan, Aug 6


"Why would anyone think of putting "Paul" in a funeral parlor?  How did you get to learn so much about the funarel process?" Leenia , April 13

"This sounds more like a ghost's diary. Here are a couple theories supporting that. Notice that the first place he mentions is "the pace where the prepare the bodies for the funeral.  Then the lady who "can't keep her shit together" is his wife.  The funeral director keeps ignoreing him because he can't see or hear him."  Wil, Jun 10

"The last picture on the funeral article made me cringe.  Where did they get a picture of Paul "sleeping" on a coffin pillow?  I've never seen anyone sleep that deeply except, when they're sleeping permanently."  Leenia, May 2

Dubstep Playlists

"Did anyone else notice that if you add up the number of songs in all of Paul's Dubstep playlist, it adds up to 61??  Sort of weird, considering all the hidden meanings that number has.  Most notably, it's where you go to seel your soul in blues myths.  Did Paul sell his soul for webstardom" Jim W., Aug. 16

"When I downladed all the dubstep from the cxnc playlist, i saw i was 61 one songs.  ian also mentions being out in the woods for 61 days shortly before Paul runs off into the woods in woods madness.  is it just me, or does paul seem a little different in the next scene"


"the dubstep titles for the play list are pretty eerie if you read them in order:
Harmful Bass and Sick Drops
Dubstep Will Kill You
Dropping Sickness Down Your Pants
it's almost like it plays out a story about someone paul and ian knew and tried to save their life.  Playlist 1, the discovery that something is dangerous.  Playlist 2, the warning they tried to give.  Playlist 3, the actual event.  Playlist 4, the aftermath, what are they digging?  A grave?" Rebecca, Aug 1


Macho Man

"if you look at the placement of everyone in this picutre it's pretty interesting.  we have randy savage who just diedpointing up wards to the heavens, almost as if to indicate that's where he's going.  elizabeth who died before him is already in the skies, indicated by the stars on her sweatshirt.  Paul is looking back (the only one in the photo looking backwards) as if to say he's already waiting for him, also his hand is directly above pauls head as if to say that's where paul is while he's holding ian back who is the only one not interacting with anyone else in the picture (he is looking straightforward).  is ian being kept while paul was let go".  also notice how ian is dressed, almost like someone who would be going to a funeral..." Lindsay, July 4


"Look closely at Paul's picture.  You can' really see his face and this is just me, but it doesn't look like paul at all.  Either that or it's Paul in an extremely different/unhealthy state." Adam, May 26


"Just following up on some underground rumors around campus about Paul.  These pictures really do look like they were taken at a morgue or in someones basement.  paul's shirt is off and his eyes are closed.  And someone else clearly took these pictures.  Maybe the same person stretched paul's face into the different expressions.  I can't really tell because of the cellophane, but something just isn't right about apuls face either."  Matt C., Aug 10

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