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Rumorous Fridays 2

5:36:00 PMPaul

As I mentioned in yesterday's video, I've been leaving clues through out the website. Chux Chazerz are much smarter than me, but still haven't begun to pick up on any of the clues I left.  While I am under strict contract not ot contact or talk to or identify X- NotPaul, if a Chux Chazer happens to blows this open, then I can continue with construXnunchuX (dba without legal RAmz.  Since the fake video went up, we've had an overwhelming number of correlating conspiracies based on the information I have strung together, usually while strung out.  Strings.- Ian
breaks the internet

"I always thought the saturdays stuff was just nonsense until this all came up/ i looked at the pix and saw that the background of this one, maybe nyc?  was reflected and spun around, so I did that with all the pictures in the saturdays stuff

this one might be the creepiest, right in the middle we see what looks like a black tree stump.  in woods madness, paul was sitting on a tree stump.  is this the last scene he filmed before disappearing?  It looks like a pair of deaths hands reaching for the open space around the stump.  why isn't there anyone on the stump?  maybe paul had been taken from it already and someone else put there by the hands of fate. At the top middle, there seems to be a funeral boquet

this one might be the creepiest.  we have more owl imagery (why all the owls? is it because owls are nocturnal, or found in the woods, or because in canadiand culture they are considered bad omens of indigestion?  when viewed regularly, the notes here are gibberish, but when looked at this way, the notes in the middle form the outline of a tree branch.  also at the bottom, we see what appears to be a crocodile eating human meat.

this one might be the creepiest, right in the middle, we see the exact same shape the notes outlined in the previous picture.  it may be a hallway extending further and further away, and who is the ghostly figure at the far end, sandwiched between bear's heads?  is that a skull?  and yet again we have sharks.  sharks are widely considered in antarctic culture to be harbingers of going broke.  is ian trying to let us know something is broken?  maybe not the internet, but maybe within construx?

this one might be the creepiest, look at this glowing neon X right in the middle of all the stark wihteness and the shark as if to say, someone sharked us.  and the letters on the sign now read E NN 3 (Ian?  3?  sould we be looking for threes?  is there a third person with construx now?"

Ron L, Sep 6

"I saw a couple interesting things on this saturday's break the internet.  there is some handwritten post about fate, it starts off with these number patterns."

Hells phone # 09654664 dream 3/30/09

is the dream a description or demand?  well, I actually called the number on my phone (leaving out the 0 of course) on a variety of zip codes.  they all led me to some pretty wierd messages someone mumbling that i Couldnt make out.  was this you guys? 

if you add the numbers up in at base 3 math, it becomes 122.  does that have any signifigance? or do the numbers just go together in a methodical pattern?  is there any reason your'e always putting 3s in your posts?"

Nav U., June 30

"Since I saw Ian's video, this line has always stayed with me has taken on new meaning:
--Fate has delocated me  OR would I be miserable anywhere?  I believe environment is everything.  It molds you.  It breaks you.--
I thought before it was just some advice to follow, but now it seems like Paul is trying to tell us he isn't him, that he's being molded by his environment."

Lucy P., Sep 1

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