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Lobster Lobby Season 1 Episode 4 (2012)

2:16:00 PMPaul

There are a couple different approaches Paul took with the Soulja Boy accompaniment but I like this version best where the song would start over everytime I took a drink (play along at home!) In seasons 2 and 3, we developed a lot more ideas and the episodes got a lot longer. The episodes in season 1 remain, to me, very charming like a series of one-liners. It's like, here's this weird thing and if you don't like it, here's another weird thing. I think there were two or three separate marathon nights of filming the raw footage and I think it was as stream of consciousness in performance as it looks in the edited version. A lot of the times, we didn't discuss what we wanted episodes to look like and I wouldn't see any of Pail's contributions until the finished product. At the time, I would bristle a little bit because, believe it or not, i had a vision for the final appearance of the show. What exists now is a lot of fun and a perfect combination of divergently weird styles. I like rewatching an episode and catching an edit or a nonsequitur that's super subtle. Today's example: "It's my son's birthday." "That's great, that's a tender age." Gaps in logic, assumptions and unexplained wordplay. For me, that's a prime example of my sense of humor. I think Lob Lob hits home on a lot of cylinders.

Episode 4: Why is the world in love with Lobsters? Your host interviews a man on the street. We read YOUR letters and lots of drinking!

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