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Lobster Lobby Season 1 Episode 3 (2012)

10:30:00 AMPaul

Lobster Lobby - to me - was always an outstanding improvisational performance by Ian. With Season 1, there was no plan or even concept on what the episodes, or even the series, should be. At this time, I was just learning how to edit video with the free Windows Movie Maker program on my laptop and as the season went on I kept learning new tricks. I think the inherent charm in all the projects we do have a DIY/Improv feel to them where we do the most with limited resources.

*This episode is the genesis of the Soulja Boi drinking gag we have kept for the rest of the series!

Episode 3: In this episode Ian simply can't go on! Ian takes some letters from our loyal (and disloyal) viewers and the debut of the Lobster News of the Weird! Is the pipe real?! We don't know!!

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