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Lobster Lobby Season 1 Episode 11 (2012)

10:00:00 AMPaul

This episode was a HUGE source of frustration for me. I used the "Hello! My dear friends ..." from Tiny Tim's album and every time I use it it gives me a copyright strike. It was my first (of dozens) of copyright strikes on YouTube and I thought it would put our channel at risk. I ended up editing out that one line from Tiny Tim and it was fine. Whoever Tiny Tim's lawyers are ... they are meticulous! 

I love the episodes where Ian doesn't even notice (care?) that the show is filming. Between the random French (not translated but subbed anyways) and the fart hairstyling ... this episode is a gem.

Ian: That French is ATROCIOUS! Pouring out the wine then drinking from the bottle is just an old Looney Tunes joke but replacing the cake. I am always giddy when I watch me talk to the off-screen engineers. It also brings me great joy when Paul stays with a long take like the farts. There really is, mentally and physically, a slow decline into madness we witness first hand. 

Episode 11: Did you hear what he said?! Oui? Do you have a Lobster in your life? We open up the Lobster Line! Your host shares his secret hair styling techniques!

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