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Lobster Lobby Season 1 Episode 10 (2012)

9:30:00 AMPaul

This is the point in the season that I start subtly messing with the perspective of the set we've been used to for a handful of episodes thus far. This episode is another step into the theory that the host is just a victim of a horrible situation. 

Ian: Yeah, I really like watching the production evolve on these. There were two or three separate sessions of recording. So there was sort of a feedback loop and you can see (especially in the last episodes of S01) how I was buying into the insanity and in some cases the sorta Dadaist repetition of themes or phrases (sorry for the pretention). So my guess is that I saw the first few episodes produced and it influenced my presentation. This is one those rare instances where Paul inserted multiple takes of the same delivery, indicating that I'd hit on something and repeat it/refine it. We were getting a little more invested in fleshing out the show as a concept.  I love Paul's inclusion of his voice as producer. I AM SO SAD ABOUT LOBSTERS!!!

Episode 10: Lobster Lobby is television's premier show about all things Lobster! Is there a special Lobster in your life. We tackle the controversial issue of Lobster related deaths which hits Ian hard.

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