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ShitJapants - 10 The Cursed Kleenex Commercial

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Leave it to our friend from the far-east to create something that's not only truly bizarre but CURSED. Kleenex has said to have asked for three Japanese commercials for their tissues, featuring a woman dressed in a white toga-like dress and a young child dressed as a Japanese ogre, sitting on straw. Weird enough, right?

I'm used to weird commercials from Japan, believe me:

Like the Dole Banana-Man:

or the these dudes who want to sell you Chocoballs (I think)

This commercial was not only weird BUT CURSED! The urban legend stated that the commercial aired in the 1980's and the song played during the commercial (which was "It's a Fine Day" by Jane and Barton) sounded like "A German Curse" to the Japanese. This set the rumors like wildfire where claims were made that the commercial made people sick, depressed, and suicidal.

Not only the music sounded like a curse to the Japanese but then the rumors swelled to the song sounding differently during different times of the day.

The story behind the commercial being made has the entire crew being killed in strange way before the clip even aired.

From The Horror Tree:
- The cameraman was burned to death in a sauna from a machine failure
- When the commercial was aired, not one of the film crew was still alive.
- The actress became pregnant with a demon child and suffered from mental illness.
- She was forced to retire from acting and was incarcerated in a mental institution.
- She committed suicide by hanging herself.
- The child actor that played the red demon died suddenly.
- The child was hit by a car soon after filming, he got decapitated.
- The child also suffered from nightmares and sleep paralysis non-stop for three days and nights.
- If you watch this advert, you will be cursed and/or die.
- Many people committed suicide after watching
- If you play it in SAP the girl`s voice change into that of an old woman.
- If you record it first and then replay it, the red demon turns into a blue demon.
The most prevalent  Urban Legend around this commercial that if you watch it after midnight it changes ... alot. Here is what I mean.

You can always look up the truth and ruin the fun but this is still a active Urban Legend in Japan and it carries alot of dreadful connotations still to this day. 

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