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Shit Japants 9 - Ran Ran Ru! Insanity of Donald McDonald

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Ran Ran Ru! 

Where do I start? Ran Ran Ru is a series of remixed videos based on Japanese McDonald's commercial. From 2004-2007 McDonald's ran ads called "Ronald's Rumors" in which Donald McDonald would ask trivial questions about himself and the answer would be posted on the Japanese McDonald's website. 

The commerical that started Ran Ran Ru:

Roughly translated:

Slide: What is “Ran Ran Ru”?
Ronald: Ran Ran Ru! When Ronald gets happy I always have to do this. Come on everyone, join in! Here we go!

Ran Ran Ru became Donald's signature sign of happiness in his commercials. I looked all over the world pipe and it doesn't really seem to mean anything on its own but just like any internet fad coupled with good ol' fashioned Japanese imagination the Ran Ran Ru was born. It became the new Rick Roll at the time dubbed McRoll

Here is the original Ran Ran Ru remix video. The song, I've read, is taken from an obscure game called Touhou Project with the song U.N. Owen was Her

Of course this spurred more copies, sequels, and parodies. The work behind these videos are massive, and I will always maintain that I truly appreciate hard work to accomplish something stupid. Anyways, Ran Ran Ru and being McRoll'd became a huge fad in Japan about a decade ago and a resurgence in America in 2010 when it was dubbed on of the"The Most Disturbing YouTube Video of All-Time" by PC World. 

Here is the rest of the orginal Ran Ran Ru series; they are so good.

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