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THE RETURNS of Le Trials and Tribulations of @Kris58Letang.

11:43:00 AMRyan Noble

Allo my friends it is your uber BFF Kris Letang! I am so sorry it has been a while since my last posts. It has been pretty tough for me lately because I was unable to come to terms on a new deals with Pens Initiative on sharing my posts. Luckily though the people here at Construx Nunchus said I can writes here for them! The also told me that I can type them on the computer instead of sending them on a piece of paper. I wonder if the people at PI know this yet?

Anyways I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I didn't do much because I am Canadian and we already celebrated it but it looks like many of my friends had fun with family and that is what the holidays are all about!

Sadly, today is slowly becoming the worst time of my life. You would think that peoples would be using today to relax but I turn on the TV but no.. People are out there fighting each other for tvs and video games and other things. I find it funny, we give thanks one day and BOOM. We are fighting with children to save monies on things we don't need. And what is worse? We call it Black Friday!

The medias is clearly using this as a way to get us mad at black peoples. They see crime and all of this bad stuff happening and we assume it is all black people? I saw so many white peoples! But will they call it White Friday? Of course not!

The media must be stopped. But how can you stop it? I DIDN'T KNOW EITHER so I picked up the phone and called my best friend Marc Andre Fleury. He picked up the phone and I said "ALLO MARC ANDRE!" and he said hi. I told him all the things I saw on the new on the Friday and told him how the white media was blaming all black people and I told him that they even call it Black Friday! Marc Andre just laughed like he always does. I screamed at him "Don't you cares that people are being racist" and he just kept laughing at me. That was when I gots so sick of it and yeled "screw you Marc Andre!" and I slammed down the phones!

So from now on, we shall calls the day after Thanksgiving "Marc Andre Flury Friday" because he is a jerk, not black people..

This is a joke.
This is not the real Kris Letang.
All in good fun.
Written (poorly) by @ryannoble66

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