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Breaking Update! CXNX Controversy???

8:49:00 AMPaul

To our deep dismay, we will be unable to carry out our usual supplement of Friday Clemente Q and A so that we may address a particularly troubling issue that's arisen on the internet.  Rumors are currently circulating about nefarious debauchery and cheatery here at (dba, rumors started by one Caanan P. from somewhere in Pennsylvania.  It's no doubt that the specifics are already public knowledge, being Tweeted at the previously unheard speed of 1,208,550 Tpm.  While details at this point are unclear, (and unimportant) I want to aver that our contests are run with the utmost integrity and scrutiny.  The accusations included herein (see below) are currently under investigation by a privately hired independent investigatory party. We urge discretion and patience on behalf of Chux Chasers worldwide while we verify these very concerning issues.  Thank you.  Ian, CXNX.

Click to enlarge. (Please note the copious use of Comic Sans...)


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