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Andy Kaufman Sighting #1

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Many may be disturbed and aggravated by the lack of a revelatory story in the life of Rip Taylor today (Rip Taylor probably more than anyone), but loyal Chux Chasers know our preference for freshness and paying tribute to those forever enshrined in our family of amazing human beings.  Andy Kaufman stands as one of the inspirations for the establishment of this website and as such we spent the past year following tips from friends and eventually fans suggesting that Andy may still out bummin around somewhere in the world.  Here's the first such incident. --CXNX

Pete B.; Narragansett, RI
"It was a Friday night and I was leaving work admiring the late day sunshine that still remained. I had no plans for the evening so for once I decided to take my time.  I mellowed out to Eliminator on my new iPod Subatomic...

During the final strains of "Bad Girl", I realized I had a sudden craving for some raspberry iced tea, so I stopped at a nearby [convenience store (name withheld upon request -ed.)].

I walked in and immediatley noticed the strange impact of the empty store. Being only 6:30 I thought it was very strange that the usual herd of government funded consumers weren't lined up with their weeks worth supply of beer, cigarettes, and lottery tickets. Just to double check, I walked outside again and looked at the storefront.  Then, to be triply sure, I crossed the street caddy corner to the check cashing and payday loan place.  Seeing no one there, I remarked that it must be an Italian holiday.  No one was around to hear my joke, but it made me laugh...

I went back into the store, heading to the cooler being mindful of my steps, cautiously alert playing around with the silly idea of a kung-fu battle may threaten my very presence in the store. It didn't happen... this time...

I my eyes glazed over the carbon copy row of front facing advertisements, including some enticing energy drinks, but I picked out my [raspberry iced tea (name brand withheld by manufacturer's request -ed.)] and walked to the counter.  The clerk's face had been buried in a Cracked magazine and gigling the entire time I was in the store.  I cleared my throat and paid.  I noticed he gave me too much change so I slid it back and his hairy palm scooped it back into the register.

Andy on the clock, drawing more attention to himself than necessary.

On my way out, the clerk bidded me "Buon Ferragosto!"  In my confusion, I turned around, and he repeated it, this time he struck a pose as I whipped out my cameraphone.  I went home and got drunk and went to sleep.  I woke up early the next day to cash my government check.  I waited in line which seemed unusually long that day and went home and got drunk and passed out.  Around 2 or 3 AM I woke up in a cold sweat, and realized, 'Holy Sh#t! That was Andy Kaufman!"  It being an 24 hour establishment, I wandered back to the location only to be confronted with the fact that it had completely vanished, along with any trace of Latka.  Shortly after this realization, I was mugged.

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