Paul Presents: Art Bomb

10:10:00 AMPaul

This might seem like a cop out, but I promise bigger and exciting things for next Tuesday. This is something I wrote last year it takes a few passes to get then point of it all, but this is one thing I wrote thatni didn't forget about 5 mins after I wrote it.

Everyone has a drug,
A junkie for satisfaction.
Everyone walks with a crutch.
Hide a wound, feed your brain.
It cradles you, warms you.
Chew on glass with a crooked smile.
You are poisoned, and hindered.
Taste a cloud, close your eyes,
You are not safe.
We are born in raindrops.
Are you healed?
Do you need more?
Pull the strings,
Your muscles scream.
Mouth sewn shut,
Feet are calloused.
Keep on going.
Go to sleep and forget.
No one cares,
But you see it like sunlight.
Grab it.
Hold it like water.
Whiten your knuckles,
Watch it bleed away.
Dislocated fingers,
Chest pain.
It will always hurt you,
Biting the hand it trusts.
You will always love it,
Cherish intangible ideas.
Hold them close,
Have it share the intimacy of your heartbeat.
It will smother you,
No mercy, no compassion,
Just silence.
Unassigned fear,
Of losing the lump of clay you hate.

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