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construxnunchux Summer Jamz #13 - @DZK - Clockworker Revolution (Viktomix)

10:04:00 AMRyan Noble

So that old guy from Rolling Stones shit on heavy metal and hip hop. Later, Rolling Stone magazine did a feature on the new Slayer video. You still wont see the Stones crack a summer jamz list.

On that note, SUMMER JAMZ #13 YOU KNOW we gotta go to our buddy DZK. For some reason the number 13 and this song just go together.

Oh, and the Rolling Stones suck. (Ryan's opinion does not reflect the opinions of the other members of cxnx, even though he is obviously right)

Here is DZK's 'Clockworker Revolution with lyrics so you can try and hip hop along.

kill a Christian while it prays, use a shovel to do it
save your gun for the day the f*** in Government's lookin into it
wanna change the way the system's runnin? then pull it
they'll go back the way they came if there's enough of our bullets

lets start a revolution, before Industrial Evolution
has every "human" movin in the direction of "mutants"
and every section, of wall street, is decadent, boomin
while every mother feeds her fetus an infectious pollutant

witness the efforts of the movement they expect to approve this
as metal weapons shoot through desks of Exec's who assumed it
witness the screaming of those bleeding as it deafens the music
witness the death of the wounded with injected solutions

no rest, until, every suited doubter is given a choice
of forty-eight hours to cower or acklowedge the voice
in power as the crowds shout from the ground, growl and devour
palaces with malice, no longer bound to their couches

we will tower above the sky-scrapers containing
natures rapists, dangling chains in their faces, clanking
and banging, as the snakes shake, debating their fates,
pacing crazed, wasting away, awaiting their hanging

fitted in armor created with battle plated defenses
that when bit, will break fangs of rabid patriot pigs
our senses sharpened by the karma of every slave that was hit
by a farmers whip, since this nation started, and when

the army is martyred, along with, seargents and men and
the Defense Department is hard up for bargaining chips
they'll have to pardon every narc in the pen, to guard em,
and start an armageddon against the anarchy, to win

which doesn't hardly make a bit of sense, if the prisons are empty
and scores of the guilty mix with the innocent, well, then we'll be
forced to build again, livin in hell, with degenerates
and filthy sinners and killers with no political minutemen

to bring em in, so hug your dissidence tight
our mission's in flight, buckle in, we're in for a fight
lets question the lessons in religion, of course I'm right
give me a hanger and a bucket of ice and I will abort Christ

or forceps to crush the blessed breath from his head and then
we'll be rid of the biggest impediment ever to get embedded in
the collective intelligence of an ethological fellowship
I've selected a set of men to begin the rebellion

you've been given orders to torch the four corners of the borders
and force your way into the fortress to the quarters of the courtship
corner them, cord them and transport them to these coordinates
so we can torture them and torment them, according to forumla

a revolt without gore would only embolden the controllers
they will fold ONLY when we are holding them by the shoulders
I've gone over the strategy of the Romans, the Ottomans, Napoleon
the forefathers of all the hostile men, the unholiest

apostles to conquer the soil across, any continent
I've grown fond of them, as they are the Gods who lived upon us and
Sodom and Gomorroh will be born again, in demonic sin
forged on the life-less corpses of righteous men

no longer do we pledge alliegeance to united statesmen
as their flagrance has been replaced with frightened faces
find pride in hatred, gut them like fish beside a lake and
when you're finished with it, twist the knife and break it

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