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Shit Japants 7 - The Houchi Play - Creepin on Butts!

7:56:00 AMPaul

In this game you are Taro Helbon a a 56 year old man with a family who works at an IT company in City X. You are a self-described super masochistic guy who likes to be verbally abused by girls in cos-play uniforms.

So Taro goes around to bars, hospitals, pools and schools all around City X looking to touch these girls while they aren't looking. When they aren't looking you mash LT and RT (X-Box) to creep along a booth to bottles of various beers, liquors, and wines. You can chug alcohol to increase the speed of your creep-styles and converge on the innocent girl. When you touch her, she yells at you and you start a new level with the same girl. Repeat, repeat, repeat with the girl becoming more aware of your butt scooting.

This goes on infinitely with dozens of girls victims. I am unsure what kind of market there is for this game. At one pint you could purchase this for 800 points on X-Box live. I had to dig pretty deep to find out what the goal of this game was and I guess you collect a gallery of pictures of these girls in costume to fap to. 

This game looks boring, sounds boring, but it's so weird. It's an indie game so no publisher really backed it with their yen but who helps get this game made into a reality? 

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