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construxnunchux Summer Jamz #9 - Zimmers Hole - When You Were Shouting At The Devil...

9:56:00 AMRyan Noble

Every now and then a band comes from Canada that just blows up. We see it happen all the time. Whether it be Rush to Nickleback, Bryan Adams to Celine Dion. Then, for decades after we are left apologizing for the terrible music we put out up here in the Great North. Maybe, just maybe if our friends to the south would recognize the great bands that come from up here!

Zimmers Hole is one of the best in my opinion. Death metal mixed with comedy is a win in my books. This song 'When You Were Shouting At The Devil...' was the title track of Zimmers Hole's last album. It was just a track making fun of glam metal. (with the title being a spin on a Motley Crew song)

Zimmers Hole is a side band. Most of the members come from Strapping Young Lad. Because of this, though they have been around for years they only have 3 albums. All are great though!

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