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We want to thank the "King of Spice" Curry Man for taking some time to give us some love. Curry Man is an extraordinary talent that is most definitely NOT Christopher Daniels. His derisively in the ring is only rivaled by his spicy dance moves. 

Ian wrote in this in his Top 10 Wrestlers Post:

"Again, all credit goes to Paul for introducing me to this man, the closest a human has ever come to an accurate portrayal of an explosion. The intro enough lets you know someone's leaving with a bump on the head and a smile on the face. If I ever had to describe anyone as a "mid-flier", it would be the King of Spice. I just have a giant soft spot for someone who can stay true to his gimmick and still wrestle seriously. He comes to the ring, gets everyone dancing, tosses the ref his cane, and then it's down to business, all tactical lock-ups and a strong reserve of energy. And yes, that is a plate of curry on his head, thank you for noticing."

This is probably the best gif on the internet with Curry Man dancing with Chikara stars Los Ice Creams. 

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