Best Tracks of 2013: 8) Die Antwoord - Cookie Thumper

10:58:00 AMPaul

I first heard of Die Antwoord when the kitschy "Enter the Ninja" dropped in 2010 and I wasn't sure what to think. Then I learned more about the band and realized that this was just an extension of their performance art as a bunch of friends from South Africa. Their follow up album Ten$ion was a genre bending party of brutal tracks, quick flow, and an energy impossible to ignore.

Cookie Thumper is a full on assault to every way you can enjoy music. YoLande's sopranic, manic and very sensual voice is such a harsh contrast to the thudding and driving beat behind Hi-Tek's sound. This song stands alone, it can be viewed as a satire, or its just fun to dance to. Anyways this is a band I need to see live before its too late. Enjoy the track.

Download it FREE here: Die Antwoord - Cookie Thumper

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