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Most Insane Japanese Movies Part 2

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This is part two of my small humble reviews of Japan's most strange offerings. Part one can be read HERE.

It included:

Tokyo Gore Police (Click here for FULL MOVIE)
Story of Riki-OH (Click here for FULL MOVIE)
Robogeisha (Sorry y'all gotta pay for this piece)
Mutant Girls Squad (Click here for FULL MOVIE)
MachineGirl (Click here for FULL MOVIE)
Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (Click here for FULL MOVIE)

1. Ichi the Killer (Click here for FULL MOVIE)

This movie has it all; violence, disturbing images, and actually a pretty solid story. Kakihara is always on my list of complete badasses in cinema. Kakihara is a yakuza enforcer who's boss goes missing. A guy from a rival gang gets fingered (giggle) for being behind it all. Kakihara catches him and tortures the shit out of him in a scene that will stick with you for life. Once Kakihara's gang calls him out for the mistake he punishes him self my cutting off his own tongue and vows to find the real killer.

Ichi is a socially awkward young man who witnessed a girl get raped in high school and never got over it turning him into a brutal murderer with blade boots capable to vivisecting a man in two. He's being manipulated by another crime family into performing absolutely insane mass killings of other gangs.

Kakihara and Ichi finally meet up to fight and Kakihara realizes that Ichi is the only one who can hurt him enough to get his rocks off. They fight people die. This is a very solid story with double/triple crossing. If you want a little substance with your ultra violence this is the one.

2. Battle Royale (Click here for FULL MOVIE)

This is an incredible movie with a great story. This is basically where Hunger Games came from and is one of my favorite movies of all time.

This is based in the "distant future" where the Japanese government takes a bus of 42 9th grade students and forces them to kill each other on an island with the last one standing gets to go home. They have 3 days to do it or they all die, if they leave the island they die, and if they tamper with the exploding collar around their necks they die, and if they are in the wrong "zone" (which changes every 6 hours) they die.

It deals with the psychology of teenagers dealing with the heavy reality of having to kill their classmates. All of them deal with this differently and some better than others.

With the psychology of the movie, the shocking violence, and profound affront to one's morals this is a really, really good movie worth checking out.

3. Hell Driver

This movie on the opposite spectrum of Ichi and Battle Royale is the wonderful mixture of silliness and gore.

This is a post-apocalyptic zombie movie to where the government has issued an "open season" on all zombies. Rikka, the protagonist, has a hybrid chainsaw and katana and goes and kills zombies for about an hour.

Its very simplistic, bloody, absurd, and funny. There are such innovative strange elements in this movie like a car being made of nothing but zombie bits and pieces, and a zombie playing t-ball with his compadres head which explode in mid air, and a zombie "robot" made of nothing but zombie parts.

This movie is everything you expect it to be after seeing the trailer. If you liked Tokyo Gore Police and Mutant Girls Squad this is the proper successor to this miraculous genre of gore/comedy the Japanese have perfected.

4. Tetsuo the Ironman (Click to watch FULL MOVIE)

This movie came to me highly recommended by Ian so I couldn't wait to watch it.

This movie I just don't understand - at all. Maybe I'm not smart enough or not insane enough but I just didn't get it.
This guy called the "metal fetishist" loves sticking metal into his body without regard for the sterile practices of modern medicine. He gets hit by a car by a regular nobody out for a drive with his woman.

He thinks the man he hit by a car is dead but he ends up contracting a disease which is turning his body into scrap metal.

This is a very loose interpretation of this movie because I didn't feel I understood it too well. It's basically an hour long Nine Inch Nails video with scenes or grotesque metallic deformation. It's black and white with very little dialogue BUT if you want to see something to test your ability to comprehend insanity this is the movie for you.

5. Suicide Club (Circle)

This is another movie I legitimately enjoy as a film along the lines of Battle Royale.

This movie begins with a mass suicide where a few dozen high school students all link hands and jump in front of a moving subway train killing themselves in a bloody mess. This shocks the entire city and the detective wants to figure out the reasoning behind this.
Suicide starts turning into the trendy thing to do in high school with kids beginning to jump off roofs and starting "clubs" that all plot mass suicide.

Detective Kuroda takes the case by investigating the trend of suicides in the city. He goes down a very strange rabbit hole by finding a cryptic website that keeps tracks of all the death and mysterious numbers encoded in the site.

The rest of the movie is pretty solid with Kuroda uncovering this bizarre underground cult and leaving a few scenes that will make you sweat. This is another one you have to check out.

6. Survive Style +5 (Click to watch FULL MOVIE (in russian)

I just finished watching this movie and it reminded me of the most bat-shit crazy episode of Seinfeld ever or the movie Magnolia but not boring and self indulgent.

This movie is about 5 groups of people and how they interact with eachother and dealing with their strange situations.

There is a guy who keeps trying to kill his wife but she always comes back as a ghost, makes him food and kicks the shit out of him until he is forced to kill her again.

There is a hit man (Vinnie Jones) who's catchphrase "What's your function in  life?" is an important piece in the introspection of the characters.

There is a family who's father gets hypnotized into believing that he is a bird and then the hypnotist dies (by the aforementioned hitman).

There is a woman who makes a living out of making strange commercials (think WTFJAPANBLOG).

Finally, there is a gang of 3 guys who rob houses, and two of them are in love with eachother but won't admit it.

They tie the story together seamlessly as the action jumps from character to character and their stories intermingling with themselves often. Each group faced with a different obstacle and each has to deal with it in a certain way. Without giving up too much of the movie, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I have no idea why this is touted as a "comedy" its a pretty decent movie. In all honesty the ending is so strange and funny it's worth sitting through just for that.

7. Meatball Machine (Click to watch FULL MOVIE)

I would describe this at Tetsuo meets Alien meets Robogeisha.
This is a simple love story of boy meets girl, but boy is too afraid to ask her out. They both get infected with an alien parasite and turn into murderous cyborgs and they kill other cyborgs to find each other again. The aliens use the humans as vehicles for violent entertainment.You know, same old, same old.

This is another case of silly violence but mixed in with robots and aliens.

The costumes are like Gwar that went through a meat car wash and the plot is a very strange love story with the two lovers having to overcome the parasitic alien inside of their heads controlling their robot bodies to kill each other.

This is good for people who like this genre of movie and like outlandish robot designs and pretty surprisingly solid costume designs. Plus there is tentacle rape so ... there's that ...

8. Deadball

The main character Jubeh is a gifted baseball pitcher who while practicing with his father destroys his head with his "super pitch". He swears off baseball forever and goes on a crime spree committing 54 crimes in 2 weeks. (including dropping a TV on someone!) He gets sent to Pterodactyl Hall a juvinille prison and the headmistress (who might be a Nazi) is in charge of the "Juvi Baseball League".

As you may assume, the Juvi league is filled with goofy-ass characters ripe with over-exaggerated stereotypes and sexiness with The Black Dahlai squad. The whole tournament is wave after wave of silly baseball inspired violence peppered with in game deaths.
Jubeh and his rag-tag squad of losers must get it together and win the tournament for some reason.

My only problem with this movie is the use of CGI blood instead of the old fashioned liquid crimson sprays I'm accustomed to with these movies. This movie will make you laugh with its simple premise and baseball themed plot.

9. Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead (Click to watch FULL MOVIE)

This movie is real. Honest. The title does an accurate job of describing what the movie is all about. This is another zombie themed movie. The outbreak starts with some intestinal distress and a harsh  bowel movement wakes up the zombies from their smelly slumber. They use projectile farts to infect their hosts and occasionally run ass first when assaulting people.

There is nothing much I can say about the plot of this movie that I can persuade or desuade you to watch this movie. If you are the type of person that sees a title like this and gets the desire to watch it then you know what to expect.

There is tons of sophmoric humor and fart jokes a plenty in this movie. As soon as you think that the movie can't become more absurd it does ... several times.

10.Versus (Click to watch FULL MOVIE)

This movie is a great blend of action and violence. It is the closest thing they have come to a live action manga without it looking stupid. There is all kinds of strange characters, sword play, gun fights, and sci-fi action to make this movie enjoyable from start to finish.
The premise is that there are 666 portals from earth to "the other side" and that the 444 portal is in Japan causing problems in the Forest of Resurrection.

There is just non-stop action from the mid point in the movie until the end. It's low budget does one of the better jobs hiding their weaknesses and use innovative and stylish directing to make the movie pretty exciting. There are over-the-top fight scenes with buckets of blood and handfuls of bullets throughout the whole movie. The characters are silly and parodic in manner just like in most of these movies. I don't want to spoil the plot because I do implore you check this movie out if you want some hyper violent action boners.

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