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I could sit here and try to explain the answer to this question, but in reality I know very little about him. I can say that he is a unsigned Hip-Hop artist out of Vienna VA in the Americas. That is all the history you will get on the man/aquatic fish here until I can talk him into doing a interview right here on (Come on, Andrew!)

Now for what matters.... This man is a pimp. Growing up, I was always into hip-hop but have always been so picky with it. When I was a little buy I would listen to Kris Kross (a phase that did not last long, this was before I was picky) and House of Pain. Later I got into Wu-Tang which changed my life and appreciation for the genre. Though I had mad love for the entire group, I was very into RZA. Which eventually lead me to listen to his other band, The Gravediggaz.

Years passed, and for the most part hip hop was dead. I am not saying there was nothing! But great stuff was limited. There was times where Outkast blew my mind, but that didn't give me my fix. So I would just listen to the same old rap I grew up on, happily but I wanted more.

Years ago I came across this dude online who was apparently this "underground" hip hop artist. A friend of mine sent me a track from this guy named "Torcher" And I got that same excitement that I got when I first listened to 38 Chambers by Wu-Tang. This track was unlike anything I had ever heard. The lyrics were violent yet clever. The sample had a real epic sound and and the dudes voice and timing was so new to me. I did not know people could spit like this guy.

My friend did not know of any other tracks by the guy, so I had to research him. After interneting him I learned nothing about him. Just a bunch of internet rumours that may or may not have been true. So I gave up. I stopped caring about him and decided that I will just focus on his music, and I am so happy I did.

This is the first of two posts that I am doing on DZK. Here are 10 of my favourite tracks from him that range from dark to comical. No matter the content, the man is a wordsmith and in my opinion writes THE BEST lyrics in music.

More DZK
Check out more tracks on your own here - DZK Online and on  Sound Click - DZK
Follow the man on Twitter - @DZK

(These tracks are in no order)

"Drugbliminal Messages"



"High-School Girls"

"Welcome to the Burbs"

"The Soul Truth"

"Self Destruct" 

"Weed and Speed"

"Sickle and Hammer" 

"Surgeon General"

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