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Construxnunchux's Top 100 Songs of 2018

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Here we are again! Every year I listen to thousands of songs and pick 100 I enjoyed the most. This is the 10th year I've done this and its fun to see what trends I see.

Hip-hop changes so quickly! The market is glut with artists and as soon as one sets a trend dozens follow. It makes the genre change drastically every few years. Right now there is none better than Run the Jewels. They haven't released an album yet .... yet (they dropped RTJ3 on Xmas morning) but their single on the Venom soundtrack was really, really, good. 

Horror-core rap is coming back with H099o9 and 3teeth putting out impressive work and clipping. is really expanding his industrial influences. Annual favorites of Aesop Rock, Death Grips, and Childish Gambino all with great tracks.

Personally, I've really been into noise / experimental more than ever in 2018. Street Sects, Uniform, and new favorite HEALTH have been putting out quality noise work and has really captured my attention. Clown Core, a band consisting of two clowns who perform jazz-noise in a port-a-potty,  I went from ironically liking to genuine adoration with their strange breaks and technical competence.

The depth of good music in existence is staggering. 2018 was no different.

Here are lists from year's passed:

2008 - lost forever
2009 - dusty CD-R in a drawer
2014 - sorry, I was busy having a mental crisis

Here are my favorites from 2018. Enjoy!

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